Parker 60R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Parker 60R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK Super Chrome blades-1

There is some sort of revolution that is happening with the way how people shave. Safety razors are slowly coming back and the art of shaving is also slowly being revived. Shaving from an earlier period of time was a bit more difficult and required longer time. Despite this, people are surprisingly getting back to the old fashioned way of shaving with newer designs of safety razors.

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Parker 99R – Long Handle Super HeavyWeight Safety Razor Review

Parker 99R - Long-Handle-SUPER-HEAVYWEIGHT-Butterfly-Open-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor-&-5-Shark-Super-Chrome-Blades-View1

The Parker 99R is a newer product styling a long handle and having a weight of 3.4 ounces which is very heavy when you consider other razors. The frame of the razor and the head are made from brass and coated with chrome plating for added durability. The head is opened by the classic twist-to-open mechanism. This makes changing of blades very easy and safe.

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Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly DE Safety Razor Review

Parker-96R - Long-Handle-Butterfly-Open-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor-&-5-SHARK-blades-View1

The 96R is one of the razors to have a butterfly-open head. It’s a twist-to-open mechanism used by traditional double-edged razors. The bottom of the handle needs only to be twisted to open the head of the razor. This way, you only have to hold the blades on the non-sharp side and quickly drop it into position, and close it by just twisting the handle to the other hand side. Danger of cuts due to blade replacement is with this design.

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Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor Review


The Paker 65R is a very unique and memorable razor. It’s handle a very stylish design and pattern. It will really stand out when you compare it with other razors. The entire frame of the razor is made from durable solid brass. The unique design on the handle is not just for looks. It’s also for the grip of the razor. The design is textured and the details create indentions on the handle to prevent it from slipping when doing wet shaving.

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Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor Review


The Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor is a straight razor that can charged with new razor blades. The razor already comes with 100 Shark Super Stainless blades. The weight of this straight razor is just right to give it an excellent balance. The exposure at the ends of the blade is curved to minimize cuts and nicks. The blades that can be used for the razor can be single razor blades used in barber shops or ½ of any standard-sized double edge razor blades.

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Parker 111B Ebony Handle Double Edge Safety Razor Review


The Parker 111B Ebony Handle Double Edge Safety Razor looks very modern. It looks very striking with its ebony handle and a shiny chrome finish. The handle serves as area for good grip. The frame of the razor is made from brass which gives it a heavy weight for good balance. It comes with 5 Derby Super Chrome Blades which are known to be very aggressive razors. The head of this razor has a comb to make sure than no ingrowing hairs are left after a shaving session.

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