Closer Shave with Safety Razor: A Total Knowhow

close shave with safety razorSafety razors are the best way to start your shaving regime. The beginners who don’t have any idea about shaving they need to shave with such a razor that not only helps them master the art of shaving but the same time goes soft on the facial skin. Safety razors are easy to hold and can be comfortable to use. Shaving is art and mastering it can be difficult task.

There are many people around who will advise you to go with straight razor because the shave provided by the straight razor is the best. It is a true fact that the shave provided by the straight razors is good but it can be risky as the blade of the razor is exposed to the skin without and guard. In such a case if the person is a beginner in the shaving then the whole shaving with the straight razor can end up being messy and that too with blood.

Why opt for safety razor?

There are various reasons that makes safety razor as must for beginners. But even people who have been shaving for a longer period can use the safety razor. Here are some of the amazing benefits of using safety razor.

  • It is comfortable to handle: Unlike other razors that are available in the market the safety razor are easy and comfortable to handle. They have a small or large handle that help sin to get a better grip while shaving.
  • The blades of the safety razor aren’t exposed: When compared to the other razors, the significant quality of the safety razor that instantly comes up is that the blades of the safety razor aren’t exposed. In the safety razor the blades are covered by the guard, which helps in providing shave without any effort and that too easily.
  • No extra work of honing and stropping: Another great advantage of using safety razor is that, there is no need to hone and strop the blades of safety razor. The safety razor normally comes disposable and the blades of the same can be changed after one or two use. So, just change the blade when the shave is done and you are good to go.
  • The disposable factor: The safety razors have disposable blades. You can buy blades for the safety razor easily from the market and thus there is no need to use the razor blades over and over again. You are free from honing and stropping the blades every now and then.
  • Less chances of getting hurt while shaving: This is the reason that the safety razors are known as ‘safety’ because the razors are safe. Why safe? Because the blades of the safety razor is not directly exposed to the skin thus allowing a smooth and easy shave.
  • Consumes less time to shave: This might not be an attractive feature for them who are an avid user of straight razor. But truth is that because the safety razor being guarded the shave is easy and tends to be faster devoid of the worry of getting hurt in the process. The straight razor on the other hand is exposed to the skin. Thus, there are higher chances that the skin getting cut if you are not careful with the shaving process and if you become too fast with the shaving.
  • Best for the beginners: If you are somebody who is still master the shaving then nothing safety razor is the best thing to start with. You can easily learn shaving and that too without the worry of getting hurt and only after that you go for other razors.
  • They are less expensive: The safety razors are hands down the cheapest and the reasonable form of shavers. The blades of the safety razors are disposable and theses blades are easily available in the market and cost low. Whereas, when it comes to other razors like straight razor, the blade of the razor itself is made with good steel which needs to be honed, thus making the cost of the blade soaring high.

Steps to have a good and smooth shave with a safety razor:

Just owning a safety razor is not the ultimate thing. The main focus of this article is to provide the reader, especially the beginner (in the world of shaving) to have an idea and understand the process of shaving with a safety razor. So, without any further delay let’s start exploring the steps that are important to be undertaken.

The parts:

Parts of Safety RazorBefore we get to know the steps of using safety razor to get a suave and clean shave it is necessary to know about the parts of the safety razor that are responsible to complete the process.

[Here we will show you how to shave with a Double-edged (DE) razor]

There are in total three parts that make up the DE razors. The first one is the head which is the cover over the blade of the razor. The second one is the comb and third one is the handle. The head stands above the comb and the handle after the comb. Thus, makes the comb sitting in between the head and the handle.

  • Step-1: The first and the foremost thing to do are, to unscrew the head with the comb from that of the handle of the razor. This will help in getting the three parts out in the open.
  • Step-2: The next step involves the fitting of blades in between the combo and the head that will help in provide you with a great shave. Just make sure that the blade that you are about to put in the razor is aligned to the tree holes that the blade, head and the comb has. It will help in position the blade perfectly.

Choosing the blades:

type of bladesAs mentioned earlier there are various kinds of blades available in the market for the safety razors. The choice of the blades largely depends on the thickness of the beard. The beard with a larger amount of thickness needs a blade that is sharp and easy to use. It takes a lot of energy to get rid of thick bears. So, strong and sharp blades are a necessity. Beards that are thinner in quality can do well with blades that are dull.

Feather baldest: These Japan- made blades are known for its sharpness and are preferred by people who love to groom their facial hair and especially thick beards.

  • Step-3: The next step is to put the preferred blade in the comb and screw it to the handle and the head of the razor. Make sure that you tighten the whole thing as it helps in preventing the blade getting loose in the process.

Preparation, before you start shaving:

Getting your face prepared before you start with the shaving is very important. There are many people who like to have a nice shower just before they go with the shaving routine. Showers help in making the skin soft so that the shaving is good with any cut or nicks. But if you are in a hurry then shower might not be a great option.

  • Step-4: Use some good quality soap, face-wash or even scrub to wash the face and relieve it from any accumulated dirt. It helps in making the skin soft and plump. It further helps in getting rid of the dead skin that the skin encounters over time.

You can also use glycerin soap that is a great way to prep the skin. Glycerin is known to make the skin soft and that helps in providing good shave. Just make sure to wash the skin with some warm or lukewarm water.

  • Step-5: After the skin is well prepared to go on with the rest procedure, take some pre-shaving cream or baby lotion that helps in providing a better shave with a safety razor which is known to be soft on the facial hair and doesn’t provide a close shave like a straight razor.
  • Step-6: Now, take some dollop of shaving cream and apply it evenly on the face to get rid of the thick beard. But it should be kept in mind that the cream should be applied only after you get rid of the pre-shaving moisturizer or baby lotion. Warm water is also very good for the skin. So, make sure that the water you use to make the leather is warm or lukewarm.
  • Step-7: You can also put the cream or soap directly on the shaving brush. This helps in mixing well. While brushing the leather in the face, go with light circular motions and use water whenever you feel it is needed.
  • Step-8: If you are using soap then make sure you brush the face for more than 30 seconds and that too heartily. This helps in creating great leather so that the shaving provided by the safety razor turns out to be very good and suave.

Start with the shaving:

There is a certain style of shaving when you are doing it with a safety razor. Some of the people might think that safety razor means that you are free to use any way to shave. You might use any way to shave but the shave won’t be that good which you expect it to be.

  • Step-9: Now, take the razor and wet the same. 30 degree angle is the best way to position the blade to your skin. This angle helps in giving you the perfect close shave that you wish to have with your safety razor.
  • Step-10: Take the process slow and start with grain portion. If you shave in a position where the beard grows then it helps in getting rid of the facial hair in a better way. This process goes soft on the skin thus helping in to provide yourself with a shave that you would love to have.

safety razor shaving directionHere, is a tip for the beginners with the safety razor. If you haven’t done a bit of shaving before then it might be taking process to understand the direction of the growth of the beard. Why? Because not all men have the same kind of grain and that differs from individual to individual.

  • Step-11: While you are shaving, just make sure to wet the razor in regular intervals to get rid of the soap, leather and the hair that has come off in the process. It helps in keeping the razor, so that you can continue with the shaving process.
  • Step-12: The lighter shaving strokes are always helpful, try to make the most of it by shaving with lighter hands so that you get rid of as much beard as possible. It not only goes soft on the skin but at the same time helps the individual to have irritation free and smooth skin after the shave.
  • Step-13: Don’t put too much pressure on the razor. The sharpness and weight of the blades in the razor are enough to get rid of the facial hair how thick it might be. If too much pressure is needed then chances are the blades of the razor aren’t sharp enough to take the shave.
  • Step-14: Be careful in the sensitive areas that are softest part in the face. There are chances that those areas might suffer cuts and nicks in the process of shaving. So, it is best to provide slow and easy strokes so that the beard gets away from you face and you get a smooth and cut-free shave. If needed take two or three strokes extra but go doft on the skin.
  • Step-15: After you are done with the first shave, wet the face again and apply another dollop of shaving cream or soap on the brush. Just remember to clear the face with the water and get rid of the previous cream so that you can have another shaver pass and get the perfect shave you want.
  • Step-16: The second shaves are always time taking and you need to be very careful as there are always chances of getting injured in the process. Just apply the subtle pressure you had given before for a clean and suave shave. Don’t forget to clean the razor with water in between the shaves so that the shaves are always better.

After shave routine:

Just getting rid of the beard doesn’t complete the shaving regime there are other things to follow so that you can boast a smooth and radiant ski. Now, most of the people might ask why the after shave process is important? Men’s skin are generally rough so after a shave the skin becomes dry as the hair, which is natural phenomenon for a men’s skin is cut. So, the post shaving process becomes very important to return back the glow and moisture that is needed to complete the age old beauty regime of men.

  • safety razor cleaningStep-17: Now, clean the razor and if need get rid of the blade (if you want of course). Clean razor is the way to create a good hygiene. If you are willing to use the blades in the razor once again then make sure you dip the razor in rubbing alcohol. This helps in getting rid of any moisture in the razor. If there is any presence of water or moisture in the razor then there are chances that the blade will rust and give away to corrosion. Dry it off after you are done with the same and keep it in a dry place away from moisture.

Cleaning the brush- is also very important. After the shaving process that involves the brushes are done, just make sure you submerge it in cold water so that it is free from the leather and the sediments of the facial hair. Take it out after some time wash it carefully and let it stark dry. After the brush is dry keep it or store it somewhere dry until the next time you use it.

  • Step-18: The next important part is to clean and wash the face with cold water and get rid of the cream and the remaining residual and that too with cold water. Usage of cold water helps in opening the pores of the skin and thus making the face lively and refreshed after the intense process of shaving.
  • Step-19: This is the best part after the shaving routine is about to be completed and that is applying aftershave in the beard-free cheeks. Aftershaves not only smell great and make a man irresistible but at the same time helps in hydrating the skin after something gruesome called shaving. You can use various kinds of aftershaves which are easily available in the market.

Aftershaves that are alcohol based: When people talk about aftershaves then these are first kind of aftershaves that are easily available because of it being cheaper and cost-effective. But such aftershave has a downside, like it tends to irritate and sting the skin. It further makes the skin dry that you might like as whole.

after-shave-witch-hazelAftershaves with Witch hazel: These are best and through preferred by the experts. Even the famous aftershave companies make this kind of aftershaves. They come a bit costly but smell so good and at the same time make the skin cool and smooth. Such aftershaves are loved by the women because of the way it makes the men’s skin feel and at the same time smells so good!

  • Step-20: The last and the final process that involves the whole shaving with a safety razor for smooth and suave skin is providing the skin with a moisturizer. As it is mentioned earlier that the skin tends to go dry after the shaving is done on the skin. So, the application of moisturizer becomes important. It keeps the facial skin, fresh, healthy and at the same time proves to be very good.

The step and the process mentioned above are the best possible way you can provide your skin a shave and that to with a safety razor. But there are certain things that are important to be kept in mind. Like, the shaving set is to be kept clean and tidy all through the way. It helps in keeping the hygiene of the skin intact. If the set is clean and dry then there are lesser chances of getting affected by any sort of infection. You need to check which one suit you better, shaving cream, gel or soap. Different men have different skin type and there are chances that some of you out there might be allergenic to something. So, it is better to check the same before you jump for one.

The above steps mentioned herein. Are written in the best possible knowledge but are in no way conclusive. There are other steps and ways easily available in any other medium and can be equally helpful. We have provided you an insight that can help you largely especially if you are beginner when it comes to shaving. So, the next time when somebody asks you about the way to get a clean and close shave that too with a safety razor then just show them or narrate them the above steps and keep them dazzled.


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