Get a Suave Shave with These 5 High Quality Straight Razors

High Quality Straight RazorsBlades have been used by men since ages to get rid of the facial hair growth. Previously copper blades were used and with time the kinds and types of razors have changed. Now, there are electric razors that work in just the move of a button. Now-a-days shaving has become an easy job compared to the earlier times when it looked like time consuming task. These days there are various kinds of razor available in the market like, shavette, safety razor, straight razors and electric razors. But there are people who still prefer to have a shave with straight razors reason being they are considered to provide the best shave available.

Straight razors are known for its simplicity and the clean shave that the same provides. Even famous celebrities till now go for straight razors. They might a bit tricky at the first time and the whole shave might look more or less a bit messy but with time as you start shaving with straight razors regularly you will find that the same is the best.

Few important things to keep in mind before buying a straight razor:

There are various things to look in to before buying a straight razor if you are beginner about the same.

  • The quality of the steel is very important with a straight razor. The treatment and the thickness of the same is an important concern. The average preferred ranges of straight razors are 3/8 inches, 5/8 inches and 8/8 inches.
  • The grind of the blades are important to look in to like the blades with hollow-ground produces sharper and thinner blades.
  • The scale material is also important to look in to the common kind that are preferred by customers around are made of wood, resin and even ivory.
  • The blade point is another important thing to keep in mind before you opt to buy a straight razor. There are three kinds of blade points that come one is, round point that is risk free and goes soft on the skin, second is square point that is very precise but is a bit risky and contains chances of pinching the skin. The third one is the French point which is just like the square point but looks a bit different.

There are numerous brands in the market that offer straight razor for their customers and have huge customer base. In this article we will bring about the best straight razor which is of optimum quality and provide the best kind of shave. So, if you too are interested to known about the same then the below mentioned paragraphs will come to a great help.

Recommended High Quality Straight Razors Review

Black Handle Straight Razor (5/8 inch) razor by Dovo

The first straight razor that makes its entry in to the list of high quality straight razor is this German made one which is a classic. The straight razors from DOVO were first made in the year of 1906 in the place of Solingen in Germany. Dovo is known to make some of the best-known straight razor in the market.

This particular German Classic straight razor is a durable razor which is known to last for a longer period of time. The blades of the razor need sharpening and the scales that come with the same are made of resin and thus there is no need of maintaining the same regularly. The reason behind the popularity of this razor is the low maintenance benefit that makes it a best choice for the beginners.


  • It is a perfect choice for the beginners.
  • The blade of the razor is made of carbon steel thus making it easy to hone the same.
  • It is a durable razor.
  • The scale of the razor don’t need much maintenance thanks to the resin made finish it has.


  • It comes costly.

Hart Steel 5/8 Straight Razor, Polished Finish, Square Point

Hart Steel 5:8 Straight Razor, Polished Finish, Square PointThis particular straight razor comes from the house of Hart the best straight razor brand in America. Although it was formed in in 2009 still the quality of the razor that the same provides makes its razors very popular. This particular razor is a square point one and is a bit risky but provides the best shave. The best part of the razor is that each blade is handmade with unique craftsmanship and is heat treated further dipping it in liquid nitrogen. Hart steel has a unique feature of honing your blade from its factory for just 20 bucks.


  • The razor is handmade.
  • Provides a good and suave shave.
  • Stays honed for a longer period of time and is very much durable.


  • The price of the razor is on the higher side.

Thiers-Issard “Loup et Bellier” Kingwood, 6/8

Thiers-Issard Loup et Bellier Kingwood, 6:8Thiers-Issard is another company that is known for the quality product it produces. The company was founded in the year of 1884 by Thiers-Issard and he used to make handmade straight razors until his death. But his legacy continued even after his death as the company still continues to make handmade razors. The company has a quality so high that it is said to make blades that are and reject about 25% just to provide the best to its customers. This particular razor in question has a 24 carat gold etching which helps in providing a precise shave every time somebody uses it. The handle of the blade is wooden made thus makes it even more desirable.


  • It helps in providing a great shave.
  • The razor is durable.
  • It has wooden scales.


  • The price of the razor is a bit costly.

Harner 7/8 XHP Full-Hollow Ground Round Point Razor, with claro walnut burl scales

Harner 7:8 XHP Full-Hollow Ground Round Point Razor, with claro walnut burl scalesThis razor is a production from the house of Butch Harner. The handle of the razor is made of wood grain and has one of the best blades in the business. The razor is kiln treated and also comes in a wooden box to secure it for a longer period of time. The razor already comes sharpened and is ready to shave. But one thing about this razor is that it needs regular honing so it is not that recommended for the beginners.


  • Provides a fantastic shave.
  • The blades of the razor are very good.
  • It is heat treated and thus lasts for a longer period.

Boker Straight Razor 140512 Silver Steel Tortoise

This specific razor is the creation of Boker which is known for the high end straight razors its produces. It has been in the business for more than 100 years now and the blades that the same have are decided based on the finger nail test. The handle of the razor is made with tortoise shell and the blades are silver steel made.


  • Provides a fantastic shave.
  • The blades of the razor are very good.
  • It is heat treated and thus lasts for a longer period.

These were the best high quality straight razors that are available in the market. The brands that are mentioned above are known for the quality that these brands are known to provide. They have in the business for a long time and have been thoroughly appreciated by the customers’ world over. If you too are among those who loves to have a shave with straight razors but are still skeptical then try the above ones mentioned and get the best shave.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind and that is straight razors are a bit tough to handle but at the same time are the best ones to use. Experts say that a person who has never had a shave with a straight razor is still to experience what great shave seems like. So, without wasting much time get a straight razor from the above mentioned list and keep impressing everyone around by the way you clean up.


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