Best Straight Razor and Brush Stand Buying Guide

Best Straight Razor and Brush StandMen and shaving go hand in hand and it is probably the only beauty regime that is very close to them. Usually a shaving set consists of various kinds of shaving accompaniments that are necessary to complete the whole process. A shaving set contains things such as, shaving brush, razor, shaving foam, cream or soap, strop, stone and strap. But to keep the all these things secure an in place you will need kits and stands.

Stands are especially needed to keep razors and stands so that they stay in place secure for daily use. Some of you might not give much importance to the need of owing a stand for shaving razor or brush but the reality is that this is the most important accompaniment you should have. These stands help in keeping the razor and shaving brush in a particular place so that it stays for a longer period.

There are various kinds of razors available like, safety razor, shavette and straight razor and each of the razors have some particular kind of stands available. In this article we will provide our readers with an idea about the best straight razor and shaving brush stands that are available in the market. Straight razors are a specific kind of razors which needs a particular kind of stand to hold the same. Such stands have a half circle on one side and full circle on the other. The half circle is used to contain the brush, whereas, the full circle is used to hold the straight razor. There are different kinds of the same easily available in the market and we will bring some of the best for the probable customers.

To know more about the straight razor and brush stand you need to go through the below mentioned paragraphs for further information.

Deluxe Stainless Steel STRAIGHT RAZOR & SHAVING BRUSH STAND from Super Safety Razors

This particular set comes in a full metal design and has a base that is heavy and weighty at the same time. The steel that is used for the made up is genuine and is specifically made to hold straight, barber and shavette razors. The stand is equipped to hold shaving brush of a measurement of about 20 to 25 mm of brush knots. This technique is made to dry to the shaving brush and razors. This set might come expensive but is totally worth the price. It is solid and provides easy usage once you store the same anywhere in your bathroom cabinet. The grip is good even after you put the stand in a particular place and that in turn prevents the whole stand from falling when you take out the razor and shaving brush for everyday use. Moreover, the look of the stand is classy.


  • The look of the stand is sleek.
  • It is fully made of stainless steel and thus prevents the same from rusting.
  • It has a heavyweight base.
  • Prevents the razor from falling off thanks to the closed loop.


  • The stand comes a bit expensive.

Parker SR1 Straight Razor Set

This specific razor is designed for professional use and for barber shops. The stand is equipped with snap lock system that helps in keeping the blade in a position. It falls in the category of high end models. The whole stand is made of stainless steel and is perfect for holding straight, barber and shavette razors. It can be further used for home use and can be a great product to gift somebody special. This additionally comes with a straight razor which is of SR1 from parker and a pure badger bristle brush that helps in providing good lather. It is also accompanied with disposable shark blades.


  • It looks beautiful.
  • Come with straight razor, brush and disposable blades from shark.
  • Used by the professionals.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Comes with snap lock system which prevents the razor and brush from falling off.
  • The stand comes with quality products.
  • It is heavy and sturdy.


  • The price of the stand is on the higher side.

Maggard Razors Stainless Steel Straight Razor & Brush Stand

Maggard-Razors-Stainless-Steel-Razor-Brush-Stand-1This is a stainless steel made straight razor and shaving brush stand. So, now you don’t have to worry about the platting to get chipped off after several usages over the years. The openings of the loop are a bit larger than the other ones available in the market. It thus helps in holding other brushes with the help of the handle of the brush.


  • It comes cheap.
  • The stand is made with stainless steel made thus preventing it from getting rusted or chipping away.
  • The loops of the stand are a bit large to hold on larger brush.


  • The larger loop was a bit of problem for some customers.

Maggard Razors Black Razor & Brush Stand

Maggard Razors Black Razor & Brush StandThis specific stand comes in full matte finished black colored stainless steel and that too with powdered black. The black finish that the stand has, gives it a classy look. The larger loop opening that the stand has helps in holding brush that is a bit larger in size but not with the knots but the handle. The finish of the stand is very good. It has a heavy base so there are no chances of the stand flipping over.


  • It is powdered finish stainless made and looks classy.
  • It has a heavy base thus avoiding the stand from tipping over.
  • The larger loops allow holding brushes of larger sizes but not with knots instead with the help of the handle.


  • The loop isn’t that larger to hold shaving brush of versions like an Omega-3 pro.

Razor Stand (Black)- Deluxe Chrome Razor Stand, Safety Razor Stand, Shaving Brush Stand, Straight Razor Stand

It is a total black stand looks so beautiful that just the look will make you buy the same. Storing the same is very easy and keeps the shaving brush and razor secured. It is a durable razor thanks to the black finish of the same. The design of the razors is compact and thus even is easy to store the same in a storage place like a medicine cabinet. The base of the stand is heavy and stable. So, there is no worry of the straight razor stand from falling off. The base of the stand is waterproof thus no worry of rust. It further comes with padding that is made to avoid skidding.


  • The heavyweight base helps in keeping the stand in place.
  • The black finish keeps it protected from any sort of scratch.
  • The bottom of stand is water-resistant.
  • It has padding in the bottom to avoid skidding.
  • It is durable.
  • It is sturdy.

These were some of the best straight razor and brush stand that are available in the market. They come various looks and are important to have in your bathroom so that the whole process is easy. So, if you too use a straight razor then get yourself one of these and make your shaving accompaniments last for a longer period.


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