Dovo Presents its One of a Kind 5/8” Straight Razors

Dovo established in Solingen, Germany has been producing premium quality straight razors since 1930s. It is a pioneer in production of shavettes or disposable blade straight razors. Dovo’s high quality craftsmanship and superior stainless steel blades is trusted both by novice as well as seasoned shavers. Dovo never uses nickel plating on the blades to prevent allergy instead they implement standard stainless steel with 0.6% carbon content to ensure maximum durability and flexibility. They are sharpened on leather belts and are considered best in terms of their sharpness and longevity. To ensure light weight for easy maneuvering their handles are made hollow. Their shavettes have now become a brand name because they are still considered the best in the lot.

One of their most popular shavettes is the Dovo 5/8 straight razors. They come in a variety of choices like –

Dovo “Bergischer Lowe” Buffalo Horn, Full Hollow Carbon Steel, 5/8″

It comes with stylish Buffalo horn handle, the sharpness of the blade is guaranteed to never wear off. The golden border at the top edge gives elegance to its look.


  • The standard 5/8” blade size is easy to handle and thus promises a comfortable shave.
  • The hollow light weight handle gives an ease in gripping for that perfect shave.


  • The gold border is not really water resistant and wears off with consecutive use.

Dovo “Diamant” Straight Razor, Olivewood Handles, Black Blade, Carbon Steel, Full Hollow, 5/8″

It is more of a collector’s item with its polished ebony handle and shiny black blade. This razor is made of carbon steel for unmatched durability and rust resistance. It comes with the characteristic Dovo lightweight hollow handle to deliver the perfect professional shaving experience.


  • The razor comes honed and is ready to use.
  • The 5/8” blade looks aesthetically pleasing and is proven durable.


  • Comparatively expensive than other shavettes in the market.

Stainless Steel Straight Razor (5/8 inch) razor by Dovo

This beauty shines in its own splendor with its gleaming olive wood handle. It has stainless blades. To add to its edge it has a heavy handle.


    • The hollow ground blade balances the heavy bottom of its handle and retains the weight of the razor.


    • Requires honing and stropping before use.
    • The stain less steel blades are less durable than the carbon steel blades.

These are some of the best 5/8” Dovo straight razors available in the market.


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