Best Straight Razor In The World: The Top 6

Best Straight Razor In The WorldIf you are among those who don’t have any idea about straight razors but still find it fascinating and want to use the same then you are probably in the right place. Straight razors have not been in the fascination for long until now and reason which they have once again started to appear in the market. Straight razor or in other cut-throat razor which it is famously known for is one of the oldest way of getting rid of the facial hair without much of a problem. But they have been replaced with the safety razors the modern ones.

There are various things that are associated with straight razors and are some of the important considerations that are to be kept in mind. There are various kinds of straight razors available in the market but not all of them are as good. It strongly advisable to use a high-quality straight razor because it is that kind of steel that lasts very long if taken care off. Although taken care of also means honing or sharpening. The blades of the straight razors are fixed and cannot be changed.

A superior quality straight razor is always a good bargain but at the same time choosing the good one can be a daunting task when there are so many cheap options of the same are available. There are many readers who are in the search of getting some idea about the best straight razors that are available in the market. In the below mentioned paragraphs we will provide the intending customers an idea about the fine quality straight razors that are available in the market. So, without much ado let’s go on with the task and find out which one are the best based on the customers reviews.

Recommended Top Straight Razor Reviews

Utopia Care Stainless Steel Barber Razor

If you are somebody who wants start their man journey with the straight razor then this is a great one to go for. It is one great investment when it comes to clean and smooth shaving experience. The straight razor brought to you by the Utopia is one stylish straight razor to be kept in the possession with style. The best part of this straight razor is that the blades of the same can be changed just like you can change the blades of the safety razors. There is no need of going through the task of sharpening or honing the edges because after you are done with the work of shaving then you can just let of one blade and install another one. It is a great razor to keep the skin clean and tidy for the price it comes.


  • The razor comes cheap.
  • There is no need to sharpen the edges of the razor.
  • Provides good shave.


  • The blades are disposable which was not liked by few customers.

Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish

This particular razor is a straight razor that also comes with disposable blades and comes from the company of Dovo. This company has been in this business for about a century. The grip that razor is the best part of the razor. It provides a good grip while giving a clean shave. The design of the razor is also very good as the whole finish of the same is total satin finish. The frame of the steel that is used in the straight razor is made in Germany. The steel is durable and can last for a longer time. The body of the razor might be made with steel but it is light in weight and is one razor that you can easily carry in your travel pack without worrying about the weight of something like razor.


  • It is easy to carry.
  • The grip provided by the razor is a good one and that helps in getting good shave.
  • The steel used in the razor is German made and is very durable.
  • The blades of the razor can be changed.


  • According to some customers the razor is extremely light

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

When you think of standard razor then the first thing that comes up in the mind is that the razor folds up. But it is not the same when you get this Feather SS Japanese straight razor. This particular razor not only helps in providing a good shave but even after that helps in protecting you from cut or injuries. It additionally provides a good grip that helps you get a hold on the whole technique of using a straight razor. But it is bit different from the standard kind of razor. So, if you have been using a standard razor and want to use the same then there are some techniques that you need to learn.

Moreover, the blades of the razor can be changed and can be installed in the same without much of a problem. The body is made of stainless steel except for the handle which is resin made. The stainless steel body avoids corrosion and the resin made handle helps in providing good grip. Changing the blades with this particular razor is a very easy task. All you have to do is provide the same with a pinch and that will drop the already placed blade and you can install a new blade in the same.


  • Replacing the blade with this razor is very easy.
  • The upper body is stainless steel made that helps in avoiding corrosion.
  • It provides good and smooth shave.


  • The price of razor is on the higher side
  • According to some customers it was problem that the razor didn’t fold up like the standard straight razor that is available in the market.

Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel 5/8″ Straight Razor

What is the first thing that you look for in a straight razor other the good shave that the same is supposed to provide? Well, according to number of customers it is the long lasting capacity of the same. This particular straight razor is a premium quality razor that has all the characteristics to become one of the best straight razors in the world.

Why do we say so? The blades of the razor have the stamp mark of Solingen which is known to produce some of the best blades. The steel that is used for the blades are Swedish Carbon and they are known to have finer edge compared to the other metal composite available. The blade further is plated with nickel that gives the whole razor an unmatched design. All these above characteristics present in the razor makes it a long lasting one. The scales of the razor don’t need much maintenance unlike other kinds of the same that are available in the market. The head of the razor is rounded and that is a great help for people who wish to get rid of their moustache in swoosh.


  • The scales that the razor has need least maintenance.
  • The blade is made of Swedish carbon that makes it long lasting.
  • The look of the razor is fantastic.


  • According to some customers the rounded head of the razor doesn’t trim well.

Boker USA Edelweiss Straight Razor, 5/8in 140520

This particular razor is another German creation that is known or being one of the best in the market when it comes to straight razors. Why it is the best? Because of the undeniable price it comes for. It is probably one of the best razors that come for such a less price. This is a premium quality razor which shows how beautifully the same has been made. This particular model of Boker straight razor comes in the measurement of 5/8 inches but there are other measurements that are easily available in the market. The scales of this particular straight razor are made of synthetic material and that prevents bacteria from getting attached to the same thus keeping you protected.

There are options that you get any other kinds of scales to install in the same. Now, the blade that the razor has is made of carbon steel and provides a high end cutting even to the thickest of the facial hair. It is a durable product thanks to the alloy and silver metal mixed in the same. This is one such company that produces some of the best known razors in the market. This particular razor falls in that category which is great for the price it comes.


  • The blades of the razor are so sharp; chances are that you might need minimum amount of sharpening.
  • It is a durable straight razor.
  • The scales of the razor are synthetic made and that helps in preventing bacteria. This keeps away the infection from the same.


  • According some customers the style of the razor is minimalist.

Thiers-Issard 6/8″ Straight Razor

This razor is one of the most desired one that is at present available in the market. This is a pricey one but is that kind of razor that is so sharp that you will feel satisfied with a single shave. It is perfect razor for those who thrive to fetch perfection when it comes to buying a razor worth the price. When it comes to straight razors the company named Thiers-Issard is known for the epitome of perfection. It is said that the designer and the founder of this company started the art of making shaver when he was mere 10 years of age. Just imagine a person who has given most of his life just making shaver could produce the best in the business. This scales used in the razor are horn scales but you are always in the liberty to use such scales that fits your purpose.

This particular straight razor provides the closest shave that you can even think about. The razor set comes with a pouch which is made of soft calfskin and is perfect for the purpose of travelling with the same. The blade of the razor is made with carbon-steel and that too dipped in a temperature of 1,500 degrees making tough and durable at the same time. This particular straight razor has every other quality which makes it perfect for a personal touch that you carry with yourself.


  • It is a personalized razor.
  • It comes with a soft calfskin pouch for the purpose of travelling with the same.
  • It is a durable razor.
  • It is a sharp razor.


  • The particular razor comes costly.

The above list has the best straight razors in the world and is unmatched when it comes to the contemporaries that are available in the market. If you are among those who wants to get a straight razor that is worth the price and the time consumed to shave with the same then the list mentioned above can come to a great help.

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