Best Carbon Steel Straight Razor: The Definitive Guide

Best Carbon Steel Straight RazorWhen things come down to choosing the steel of a straight razor then the whole choice can become a tiring task. There are two types of steel with which straight razors are made, one is carbon steel and another one is stainless steel. The stainless are known for being flawless in the sense, which is there are less chances of the steel getting rust and stays for a longer period of time. Whereas, carbon steel are considered to be the milder version and are said to go soft on the facial skin.

Before start discussing anymore about the best carbon steel straight razors in the market we will provide you with some detailed idea about the same. Both the carbon steel and stainless steel have certain qualities and advantages and reason which both these steel are preferred when it comes to straight razor.

More About the Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel:

Stainless steel and carbon steel are those kinds of metals that are used by people for commercial purposes and especially for straight razors. But one thing that makes both these different from each other is that the amount of carbon in the carbon steel is higher than that of the stainless steel. The presence of carbon in the carbon steel provides the same with a lower amount of melting point making it durable and soft. This further gives the carbon steel a proper heat distribution. Stainless steel on the other hand has larger amount of chromium and that is result provides a layer that is invisible making it corrosion- proof and free from staining.

How to Distinguish Between Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel?

For a lay person to understand which one is carbon steel and which one is stainless steel can be a bit difficult unless certain characteristics of the same are kept in mind to identify the same. Stainless steel is shiny and also comes in numerous grades. These grades help in amassing the chromium to that of the alloy that gives the stainless steel a mirror finish. There is no need to paint or provide any extra gloss to the stainless steel because the coating provided by the chromium for gives it natural glow.

Carbon steel on the other hand is normally dull when compared to the stainless steel. The finish in the carbon steel is neither glossy nor shiny rather it gives away a matte effect. If you want to identify with a glance as to which is stainless steel and which one is the carbon steel then the best way to do so is check look. If the steel looks like an iron cast or iron fencing than it is carbon steel and the glossy and shiny steel is stainless.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Stainless Steel Straight Razors:

As the common thought goes both these steels have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantages that make up the worth of stainless steel straight razors are-

  • Stainless steel are rust proof and so when you use a straight razor that is made of steel then are less chances of it getting affected by rust. The razors are kept in the bathroom which usually comes in contact with water even if the contact is not direct then the presence of humidity in the bathroom is the reason behind the same.
  • Stainless steel is durable in nature. Because the steel is less affective to rust and corrosion so there are larger chances of the straight razor staying intact for a long time to come. Provided if it is taken good care of.
  • Even restoring an old stainless steel made straight razor is easy as it attracts less rust and stain and is easy to clean.


  • They are not that great when things come down to the heat distribution and reason which, when you hone the same in a stone it takes time to get a perfect edge.
  • Because of its exceptional quality of being rust and corrosion free and as it stays for a longer period, it tends to costly when it comes down to buying the same.

Benefits and the Down Side of Using Carbon Steel Straight Razor:

Like stainless steel even carbon steel are induced with benefits that are worth using the same in a straight razor:

  • The fist and the foremost thing that are worth to mention when it comes down to using a straight razor made with carbon steel is the heat distribution quality of the same. Carbon steel has a better heat distribution and reason which providing an edge to the same is easy while honing it.
  • Unlike the stainless steel the carbon steel is less expensive and that too when it comes to buying a straight razor made of carbon steel.


  • It is not coated with chromium and reason which there are much chances that if proper care is not taking of the carbon steel razor then it can get affected due to rust and corrosion.

Best way of using carbon steel straight razor:

Stainless is steel might be a great retreat when it comes to keeping it free from rust and corrosions but you can also maintain the straight razor when it is made with carbon steel. All you have to do is clean the razor after you are done with the usage. The best way to keep it clean is to dry it off or get rid of the water from the blade and put it inside a box. It this way it doesn’t come in contact with air or water which is the main reason behind the corrosion or rust.

The products that is best in the business when it comes to carbon steel straight razor:

There are plenty of carbon steel razor widely available in the market but not all of them are highly regarded and accepted by the customers. Here, we will provide our readers with some of the best carbon steel straight razor that they can opt for.

Muhle 5/8 Carbon Steel Open Razor

Muhle 5:8 Carbon Steel Open RazorThis particular razor is considered one of the best carbon steel razors. The blade reflects the epitome of craftsmanship that the razor has in it. It is a typical German blade that is considered of high quality. The blade comes from the blade capital of the world. Solingen, Germany. The blade is so beautifully polished that it is hard to understand from a look that it is carbon steel made. The carbon steel blade has hollow ground that shows the marking made with 24 karats gold etching. Moreover it is a valuable collection that is a must on the collection of your beautiful straight razors.


    • The blade is Solingen, Germany made.
    • It provides a great shave.
    • The polishing on the blade is mirror finish.

Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel 5/8 Straight Razor

When there is a discussion about straight razor then the first company that instantly comes up is Dovo. The straight razors made by Dovo are known to be the best in the business. Like for example this particular straight razor is black handled straight razor and that too with carbon steel offers the finest shave that you can imagine. The price is high just like the other straight razors but is great n every other way. According to the customers who had used this straight razor, described that the shave that the razor provides is one of the best. The shaving width of the blade of the straight razor measures about 5/8 inches. The weight of the handle that the straight razor has is on the lighter side. The construction of the straight razor is durable. The razor will require some stropping and honing but there are least razors that are available which comes shave ready.


  • It provides fantastic shave.
  • The construction is durable.
  • The weight of the handle is on the lighter side.


  • It doesn’t come shave-ready and needs honing and stropping this was problem for some of the customers.
  • The handle of the straight razor is plastic made but that doesn’t interfere with the beautiful shave that it provides.

~Shave Ready~ Carbon Steel Straight Razor 6/8″ w/ Box

~Shave Ready~ Carbon Steel Straight Razor 6:8 with Box GD 208Another beautiful straight razor from the house of Dovo and it comes shave ready. So, no worry of honing or stropping the razor, just open it, wet your face, put some shaving soap, make a leather and start shaving for a clean shave. After some usages just like other straight razor you have to hone and strop the blade but that won’t be a problem when you are using this straight razor because honing and stropping the blade is easy. The best part of getting this straight razor is that the price of this razor is one the lower side, yes it’s cheap! But is not of low quality, the shaving width of the blade of the carbon steel straight razor is 6/8 inches in measurement.


  • The shave provided by the straight razor is the best.
  • The razor come shave ready so no honing or stropping.
  • It comes cheap.


  • The blade of the razor being carbon steel made makes it vulnerable to rust. So, it is important to keep it dry after using it.
  • The scales are plastic made that was a bit of problem for some customers but it that doesn’t disturb the shaving performance that the razor provides.

Thiers Issard 11/16″ Mirror Polished Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Thiers Issard 11:16 Mirror Polished Carbon Steel Straight RazorThis is another carbon steel made straight razor that makes its grand entry in to the list. It is a made in France straight razor. It helps to get rid of the thickest of the facial hair. The blade has mirror finish and that too without any markings. Maintaining the razor is an easy task. Just make sure that it is dried after usage. The razor is comfortable thanks to the heavy grind that the same has and the thumb-notch which us deep enough.


  • It is very comfortable to hold.
  • The blade helps in getting rid of heavy beard.
  • The polishing on the blade is great.


  • It is important to keep it dry after using it as the carbon steel is prone to be affected by rust.

Boker King Cutter Carbon Steel Straight Razor-Black, 5/8 “

Boker King Cutter Carbon Steel Straight Razor-Black, 5:8This razor comes from the house of Boker which is another company known to make some of the best-known straight razors. The blade of the straight razor is made with carbon steel and is of high quality. The blade is so strong that it can be used for daily purpose without an itch. The scales of the straight razor come in total black color.


  • Provides close shave.
  • The blade is strong enough to take the daily dose of shaving.
  • It is of high quality.

Wacker Jubilaumsmesser Mod 3 Black Carbon Steel 6/8″ Straight Razor

Wacker Jubilaumsmesser Mod 3 Black Carbon Steel 6:8 Straight RazorThis particular straight razor made with carbon steel blade is Solingen, Germany made.  This straight razor is the result of 70 years of workmanship. The blade is made with black carbon which makes it unique. The weight distribution of the razor is a limited version. The quality of the razor is so good that customers tend to use it on daily basis.


  • The shave provided by the straight razor is very good.
  • The razor is of optimum quality.
  • The blade is made with black carbon.

The above list contains the details about carbon steel straight razors and that too with the best razors that are easily available in the market. If you too are thinking to get yourself a straight razor made with carbon steel blades this list will be helpful for you. Just keep one thing in mind that the straight razors made with carbon steel should be dried in and out after using it. Carbon steel is not rust resistant and moisture and water if left in the blade can lead to rust and corrosion. So, get yourself a straight razor made with carbon steel razor.


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