Discover The Best Parker Safety Razor Ever

You may have heard complaints that some Parker safety razors are not as durable as other shavers, and there is an occasional problem with the blade lining up. Others complain that the weight and feel is slightly off when it is being used. This is why we were pleasantly surprised when we tried the Parker 99R.

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Reviewing the Parker 99R Double Edge Safety Razor

The Parker 99R Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor has eliminated all of the problems that were associated with some of the other shavers, and created a sleek, well balanced, durable safety razor. It is a butterfly style safety razor which makes it easy to clean and to replace the blade, and also has enough weight to fit comfortably in your hand.

Even though it is considered a heavy safety razor, it still will not irritate sensitive skin. It is easy to control with the longer than average handle, and will quickly cut through all of your stubble. The chrome finish gives it a polished and elegant look, while the textured handle makes it easy to control the razor even with wet, soapy hands.

The butterfly opening not only makes it a breeze to keep your safety razor clean, it also adds to its overall appearance. Considered one of the best in the Parker line of safety razors, it is easy to see why after just one use.

Features of the Parker 99R

Parker 99R Butterfly Double Edge Safety RazorOne of the first things you will notice about this Parker DE safety razor is that it is manufactured from brass for long lasting durability. The chrome plating gives the razor a vintage appearance that appeals to many shaving purists. The Butterfly design makes it easy to drop in a new double edge blade whenever you need to, and also enhances the shaver’s classical look.

The textured handle measure 4″ long and will comfortably fit larger sized hands. The longer design also makes it possible for you to control the amount of pressure you put on the razor while you are shaving. It weighs 3.4 ounces, which classifies this as a heavy safety razor, but it is still gentle enough to use on sensitive skin daily.

The cutting head is even with the exposed blade which allows you to have a close and comfortable shave. The TTO doors close tightly together to prevent the blade from slipping while you are shaving, and the twisting knob is conveniently located on the bottom of the handle. 5 Shark razor blades are also included with the Parker 99R.

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What We Think About the Parker 99R

Parker 99R Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor ReviewEven though Parker may have had problems with some of the other safety razors in their line, the 99R exceeds all expectations. The weight of the razor is not too heavy to be uncomfortable, but it is ideal for cutting thicker beard growth without irritation. The blade is perfectly aligned with the head, and will give you a close shave that lasts for hours. The DE safety razor will accept most blades, but for a continually smooth, close shave we recommend using Shark double edge razor blades.


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