Parker 111B Ebony Handle Double Edge Safety Razor Review

The Parker 111B Ebony Handle Double Edge Safety Razor looks very modern. It looks very striking with its ebony handle and a shiny chrome finish. The handle serves as area for good grip. The frame of the razor is made from brass which gives it a heavy weight for good balance. It comes with 5 Derby Super Chrome Blades which are known to be very aggressive razors. The head of this razor has a comb to make sure than no ingrowing hairs are left after a shaving session.

The length of the razor’s handle is not quite long. Long and short razors differ on the amount of control that they provide to the shaver. Long razors are a bit more difficult to use than short ones but work well with people with larger hands. Short razors offer better control but can be difficult to use for people with large hands. We can’t really say that one is entirely better than the other, but once you decide to get either one, all it takes to master it is by getting used to it.


  • Quality: 9/10

Brass is one of the best material for creating razors. High quality double edge razors are coated to extend its durability and resistance. Chrome is used since ensure that the razor is resistant to corrosion and it also gives the razor a silver-like look.

  • User Friendly: 8/10

Wet shaving is a slow process. There is no quick shaving when it comes to using double edge razors, and you need to be aware of what you’re doing or you’ll get cut in the process. Skill is required to properly use this razor.

  • Grip: 9/10

The ebony portion of the handle look smooth but it actually provides a good grip even when wet. It stays firmly inside a hand’s hold and has little chance of slipping.

  • Ease of Blade Replacement: 8/10

Replacing the blade of the razor requires you to unscrew the handle from the head and taking apart head into two parts. You take out the blade inside and replace it with another one. Replacing a blade for DE razors requires so many things to do and needs to be done when you are near a counter or the sink. When you compare with replacing a head for a cartridge razor.

  • Parker-1a11B-Ebony-Handle-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor-&-5-Shark-Super-Chrome-Blades-View

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  • Aggressiveness: 9/10

The Derby razor blades are quite famous for their accurate sharpness. A lot of DE razor users have Derby blades in stock because it can be used for general purposes and also cost cheap.

  • Adjustability: 8/10

Unlike the modern razors where you can choose how many blade you want and the kind of lube strip you like for your razor, the only thing that you can change for this DE razor is the brand of the razor.

  • Balance: 9/10

Brass razors are heavier than stainless steel and offer better balance.

  • Value for Money: 10/10

Parker Razors are very popular among wet shavers because they’ve been around longer and they priced lower than others.

  • Overall: 9/10

This DE razor is set apart from other razors because of its ebony non-slip handle but still has comparable functionalities with the common safety razors.


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