Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly DE Safety Razor Review

A predecessor to the newer generations of Parker DE blades is the Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor. The 96R is one of the razors to have a butterfly-open head. It’s a twist-to-open mechanism used by traditional double-edged razors. The bottom of the handle needs only to be twisted to open the head of the razor. This way, you only have to hold the blades on the non-sharp side and quickly drop it into position, and close it by just twisting the handle to the other hand side. Danger of cuts due to blade replacement is with this design.

The frame of razor constructed from solid brass and its head is coated with nickel. These materials ensure that the razor is sturdy and resist corrosion. The four-inch handle of the razor is textured for a sure grip. Its notable difference with the newer versions of the Parker DE razors is that it only weighs 3.0 ounces. This is considered heavy in the realm of metal safety razors but when you compare it with other razors, it’s a bit light. When it comes to a razor’s weight, the heavier, the better because of the balance it provides.

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The Blades and the Users

Same with the other DE razors, this one also comes with 5 of those superior Shark blades. The sharp blades together with the accurate razor provide a very nice smooth shave. Of course, DE razors are made for wet shaving. Some people have a hard time getting that clean shave when doing wet shaving. The advantage of the modern razors is that some are designed for the convenient dry shaving. This is the reason why DE razors are commonly used older people or the more experience razors, but it doesn’t mean young people don’t use them.

Young people who use DE razors are the ones who got the chance to try this type of razor early in their lives. They discovered the level of shave that they can do with this type of razor. Usually, they are influenced by other DE razor users.


Since it’s an earlier version of the new generation Parker DE razor, it lacks some of the improvements present in the newer ones. The design of the handled texture is quite different. For the newer versions of R razors, the details are directly added to the surface of the handle. This one makes use of another piece of textured metal which is attached to the handle. It weighs less which means less balance. Despite these, it still has the basic elements of an excellent Parker DE razor. It’s still as aggressive as the other razors in its generation and is able to provide a very close shave if one has learned the skills to proper wet shaving with a DE razor. One thing that makes the Parker 96R Safety Razor is its price, it costs way cheaper than the new Parker Razors.


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