Van Der Hagen Classic Safety Razor Review

The Van Der Hagen Safety Razor is a perfect example of a classic double edge safety razor. It is made from solid brass to give it its durability. Like most classic safety razor, it is given a polished look by being coated by chrome finishing. The chrome finish does not only provide the razor its shiny look it also gives it added durability by making it resistant to corrosion and wear. The combination of brass and chrome is actually present among newer designs of safety razor. The Vander Hagen might look old-fashioned but it is manufactured to fit the modern world and to last for several years and even several generations.

The Head

The construction might have modern elements to it but there is one very classic feature that this razor is sporting. Its blade replacement mechanism. At the bottom of the handle, there is a knob that can be twisted to open the head of the razor into “butterfly doors.” Unlike some of the older razors and even the newer ones where they have to be taken apart into different pieces, this razor stays intact during the replacement of the blade. Another advantage to this type of mechanism is that you don’t have to hold the blade for a long time reducing the chance of cutting yourself.

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The Handle

The handle of the razor is textured to provide sure grip. The knurling is distinct and deep unlike most modernly designed safety razors. There are razors that have more subtle texture on their handles but are still able to provide excellent grip. There are even razors who don’t use grooves or knurling but only a rough texture from acrylic paint or a satin finish. Nonetheless, the Van Der Hagen safety razor is still at par with most razors when it comes to the grip of the handle.

The length of the handle is short. There is a trade off when it comes to deciding whether a razor has to have a long or short handle. Long handles give the razor additional weight which means good balance. Long-handled razors are favored by people who have large hands. Razors with short handles provide better control when it comes to shaving. Maneuvering the razor is easier when the handle is shorter but it can be difficult to use for people with large hands.

This razor is built for control which is important to achieve the best results possible with DE safety razors. The slight drawback with the short handle can be remedied by continued use of the razor until your large hands become accustomed to its length.

The Blade

The razor comes with 5 razor blades so that it is shave-ready. The blades are manufactured by Van Der Hagen in Solingen, Germany. The city is very famous for producing high quality metal products. The blades are stainless steel, ice-tempered, and Teflon coated which make the blade really sharp and aggressive.

Overall, this traditional razor is has all the features of a high quality, durable, and aggressive razor. The price of the razor is just around $30 and it already comes with 5 super sharp razor blades. That’s really practical and affordable.

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