Edwin Jagger De87bl Aggressive DE Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger DE87bl offers that great close shave a DE razor provides with such beauty and style. The razor looks really good with the ivory color acrylic handle capped with chrome finished components. The Edwin Brand has a lot of very loyal and proud users. Some of the users have tried other razors from different brands but still decide to stick with their Edwin razors.

This razor is a double edge safety razor. A double edge razor offers similar aggressiveness as that of the classic straight razor. A DE razor offers more control over shaving but ensuring minimal or no cuts at all. The Edwin DE87 works with all standard size double edge blades. If you have a preferred brand of razor blade, using it with this razor will present no problems. Shaving with a double edge razor can be maximized by using the right razor blade. There are a lot if blades that are very effective and aggressive. What a razor has to do is to let the blade perform properly.

The head of this razor has a classic close comb. This provides added effectiveness when shaving. The comb straightens out the curly hairs so that they can be shaved by the blade. This also removes ingrown hairs that are quite hard to take out when shaving with a straight razor and even those multi-bladed razors.

The razor already comes with 5 Derby double edge razors so that it be used immediately once you get it. Derby blades are among the best blades nowadays and can be used for all types of hairs.

  • Edwin-Jagger-De87bl-Faux Ivory-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor,-Ivory-View1
    Edwin-Jagger-De87bl-Faux Ivory-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor,-Ivory-View1


  • Quality: 10/10

The razor is made with quality materials but what really sets it apart from other razors is its aesthetic qualities. The ivory looking handle makes it very elegant.

  • User Friendly: 8/10

The Derby blades might be really aggressive but it can also be aggressive to your skin. If you don’t know how to use this type of razor, you’ll really end up with a lot of bad cuts. This should not discourage you from using DE razors though. There are tons of website and videos that will tell you how to use the razor properly if you are a first timer.

  • Grip: 10/10

Aside from making the razor look elegant, the handle also provides excellent grip. The grip is really important for DE razors since they generally used for wet shaving.

  • Ease of Blade Replacement: 9/10

If you’ve used cartridge razors before, replacing a blade for this razor can be chore. You need to unscrew the head before you can take out the blade inside and replaced it with a new one.

  • Aggressiveness: 10/10

The Derby blades are already really aggressive and once you know how to use the razor properly, you can enjoy very good shaving results.

  • Adjustability: 8/10

You can’t really adjust anything for this razor except the brand of blade that you’ll be using.

  • Balance: 9/10

The weight of the razor gives it good balance and heft. It can be a bit heavier but its weight is just in the right range to make it really easy to use.

  • Value for Money: 10/10

Since the handle of the razor is not entirely made from metal, it’s just right that its price should be cheaper than all metal DE razors.

  • Overall: 9/10

The razor can have better specifications but overall, it’s able to perform what an excellent razor should and it also comes at the right price.


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Todd is a resident of Florida and enjoys looking his best. He believes that taking pride in his appearance is important to succeeding in life. He learned how to shave by watching his grandfather and dad, and is proud to be carrying on the family tradition of wet shaving. He is always ready to try a new safety razor, in his never ending search to look his best while pampering his face. You can often find Todd in the local barbershop discussing shaving techniques and supplies.

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