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It’s been an ongoing debate for years, and chances are it will never be fully resolved. Men can spend hours debating the pros and cons of safety razors vs. disposable ones, and still never convince the opposition that one is really better than the other. Obviously we prefer the smooth, close shave that we get with a safety razor, and there are a growing number of men who feel the same way. Not only will a safety razor help improve the appearance of your skin and remove tough stubble, it can also help you save money over time.

Saving Money: Safety Razor vs. Disposable Razors



If the fact that your skin will look and feel better isn’t enough to make you start thinking about switching to a safety razor, then maybe discussing how much money you could save will at least have you considering a change. Safety razors are designed to give you a smooth close shave without embarrassing nicks and cuts, unlike disposable models that tend to irritate sensitive skin. These solid and sturdy razors are also designed to last for a lifetime, which means that you don’t have to continuously spend money replacing dull disposable shavers. Keep reading to see how much you could potentially save each year simply by switching to a safety razor.

  • Initial cost of a top rated safety razor around $34.00. This is a one- time cost.
  • 100 count cost of double edge razor blades $17.00
  • A 5 ounce bottle of moisturizing shaving cream $15.00.
  • A badger hair shaving brush $13.00

Grand total: $79.00 or $6.58 a month for 12 months

It should be noted that $47.00 of the total is a one-time cost, since the brush and safety razor are designed to last for a lifetime. After the initial purchase of all the items, shaving with a safety razor can cost you less than $3.00 a month. This is definitely cheaper than constantly replacing dull plastic disposable razors, and also more convenient than running to the store.

We Dare You to Try Shaving with a Safety Razor

Safety Razor vs Disposable Razors

If you used to shave with a safety razor and switched to disposable ones because, well we don’t know why you would want to, or have simply never experienced the luxurious feeling of using an old fashioned shaver we dare you to try for a few weeks. While you won’t be able to truly take advantage of all of the savings, you will have the chance to experience the luxury of shaving with a safety razor. This alone will probably be enough to make you seriously wonder why you haven’t been shaving with one before.

We encourage you to keep a running total of how much you spend per month on disposable razors compared to the cost of DE razor blades. Once you have purchased everything you need to get started, shaving with a safety razor can only cost you a few cents per day. We look forward to hearing how much money you saved, and we invite you to share this page with your family and friends.

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