Best Straight Razor Sets from Dovo

Dovo was founded in Solingen, Germany. It is famous for manufacturing the best quality straight razors since the 1930s. It is a pioneer in the production of straight razors and disposable shavettes . It’s comfortable built and 100% stainless steel blades are trusted by both amateur and seasoned shavers. Dovo never uses nickel plating on the blades to prevent allergy instead they implement standard stainless steel with 0.6% carbon content to ensure maximum durability and flexibility. They are sharpened on leather belts and are considered best in terms of their sharpness and longevity. To ensure light weight for easy maneuvering their handles are made hollow. Their shavettes have now become a brand name because they are still considered the best in the lot. To complete the experience of master shaving Dovo provides full shaving kits for their ones who seek perfection every day in their grooming regime.

Top Straight Razor Sets from Dovo Review

Premium Dovo Straight Razor Wood Shaving Set

This set comes complete with a Dovo straight razor, a wooden brush and razor stand, leather strop or alum block or strop paste, a pure badger brush with wooden handle and soap.


  • The set comes shave ready so need of sharpening and honing before use.
  • The aloe bar provided with the set is a nice solution for shave burns.


  • The fabric strip for stropping comes with no aberration thus requires paste to do the needful.
  • The plastic handle of the razor strips off the elegance of the whole set.

DOVO Straight Razor Set 5/8 Olivewood Scales and Luxury Shave Set

In this set one can find Dovo’s classic 5/8” stainless steel blades residing on a full hollow holder for easy maneuvering and smooth shave. The olive wood handled straight razor with 24k gold embellished Dovo logo is a class apart. This set also consists of a lifetime stropping, honing and polishing set, a leather and cloth strop, a shaving mug, badger hair shaving brush, soap and a brush and razor holder. All of it comes in a luxury leathered stamped travel pouch.


  • Dovo’s trusted 100% stainless blades are durable.
  • The pouch holds the whole thing perfectly without clutter.


  • The brush could have been better because it is course and pulls hair rather than slicing through
  • Expensive than other sets in of its standard.

Dovo Razor with Shave Set

This set is for beginners and novices both because its 5/8” blade is the most preferred size of blades liked by barbers and new wet shavers. It comes complete with sleek black straight razor, a GBS pure badger hair brush, a black ceramic bowl, a leather strop and alum block, soap and a chrome stand.


  • Dovo’s trusted blades
  • The elegant black theme of the set adds to the masculine aura.
  • Cheaper than other Dovo sets


  • The smells a bit dank could have been better considering Dovo’s other masterpieces.
  • The razor doesn’t come shave ready and it requires honing and stropping before use.
  • The leather stropping belt due to forceful fitting inside the kit becomes bent and wrinkled leaving only a bit of it stiff and usable.

So, gentlemen these are some of the Dovo shaving sets available online. If you want to shave in style, pick any of them and you are ready to go.

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