Straight Razor Disposable Blades: All You Need to Know

Straight Razor Disposable BladesThere is a common notion that goes around and it is that a straight razor comes with blades fixed and cannot be changed but in reality things are a bit different. But there are straight razors available in the market that has blades which can be both changed and disposed off. But just using a disposable straight razor is not all what you need to know. There are many other things in store to understand about the same.

Disposable straight razor blades are those which are used just like the standard straight razors available in the market. But one thing that makes it different is that it can either use double edged blade which is standard or blades that are specially made for the usage of a particular individual. Some of you out there might not be fan of straight razor disposable blades but there are various benefits attached to the same.

In this article we will provide our readers with an idea about the straight razor disposable blades. So, to know more scroll down the below mentioned paragraphs.

What are straight razor disposable blades?

It is among the first thing that is important to know before you think of getting any further idea about the same. As the normal straight razor goes it can be folded and the blades stay fixed in the razor. But when it comes to straight razor disposable blades the whole equation changes the blades that normally come fixed with the razor can be changed or disposed by any new one. There are various companies who offer straight razor disposable blades but Dovo produces the original one and is one of the most sought after disposable blades straight razor.

Usage of the straight razor disposable blades:

barber straight razorStraight razor disposable blades first came in to usage with the hands of the barbers. It was typically used by them to perform the razor haircut on the customers. It in the earlier days straight razor disposable blades were used to perform hair cutting tasks such as, shaping the nape of the neck, sideburns, trimming of the hairs and hairlines. But with time scissors have taken the place of the same.

Straight razor disposable blades are still used these days and are preferred by people for the purpose of wet shaves. But earlier as it used to be fixed in one place people these days don’t prefer the same as blood borne diseases such as Aids and other diseases are common. Various countries have strict law regarding the same and they tend to prevent straight razors in the barber shop which doesn’t come with the capacity of changing blades.

Brands that is available for straight razor disposable blades:

There are various kinds of straight razor disposable blades available in the market. One of the common kinds of blades that are easily available in the market is the Feather Artist Club razors which are made especially to go with the feather razors but can also be used with other straight razors that are available. The second kind that is available in the market is Personna shaper blades. There are different kinds of blades that can be easily installed in the straight razors that are equipped to change its blades.

These blades come with spikes on any of the ends of the edge of the razor. It is equipped to be used with any straight razor that is disposable.

Feather Artist Club Blades

These particular blades are perfect to be used on sensitive skin and are equally good for any hair type. If you are among those who have thick hair and other blades don’t go well then these blades are the one you should get. It provides close and safe shave thanks to the ProGuard technology that comes with the same.

These blades are specifically is made for a clean shave. The shave provided by the blades are a bit different from the standard straight razor because of the wider body that the same has. The blades are of superior quality and provide some of the best shaving that is otherwise not easily found.

Hair Shaper BladesThis particular blade comes in between the mini hair shaper blades and Kai or feather artist club blades are these hair shaper blades. These previously used with Weck Sextoblade which was very famous for many years and comes cheap these days. You can easily find the same with some of the online stores and that too in reasonable rates. These are vintages and work well. But the modern ones that are available are that great. The various examples of hair shaper blades are Wilkinson Sword, Schick and Personna.

The vintage Weck Sextoblade razor that is appropriate to take on the hair shaper blades are similar to the design of Straight razor and additionally comes with a removable guard. These blades are famously used to shave and trim off hair. These blades are shaved just like the Kai or feather blades and are great for touchups.

The blades that are mentioned above are the common kinds of disposable blades that can be used for the straight razors. You can easily find these blades easily from any online concern or any retail market near you. But one thing that is very much important to keep in mind is that the before buying the blades it is important to check whether the same comes stropped or you need to sharpen the same.

If you are somebody who has just started to shave with straight razors then it is best to start with standard ones and not the ones that have disposable blades. The beginners need to first become an expert when it comes to the usage of straight razor and then only go for the advanced of the same. So, next time when you are out buying straight razor disposable blades then the above knowledge might be of great help.

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