Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Merkur’s has been creating new designs for safety each with unique and innovative features. One popular disadvantage among safety razors is their limited adjustability. The blade is only exposed at a single setting and the angle of the blade can’t be adjusted.

Shaving with straight razors is really effective since the blade can tilted as it hits skin or hair. Common double edge safety razors aren’t capable of this. Merkur has found a way to counter this drawback. The Merkur Progress and Merkur Futur are product series that the company has created to offer the same effective shave as that of a DE safety razor and the adjustability that was once only present in straight razors.

The Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor has an adjustable head. The angle of the razor blade can be changed in different settings depending on the angle and exposure of the blade. You can choose which setting you want use in order to achieve that very close shave without having to irritate or cut your skin. The mild setting is at 1. This is perhaps the most commonly used setting. It’s the easiest and also the safest. Some users use different settings when doing a second or third pass with the razor.

  • Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor with Pack of 10 Blades-#570
    Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor with Pack of 10 Blades-#570

This Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor has a chrome finish. The finish is important to keep the razor from corroding. It also gives the razor its distinct appearance. The chrome finish looks shiny and polish. The handle of the razor is quite short and at the base, it has a yellow rubber material for a sure grip. The short handle is ideal for more controllable shaving. Long-handled razors are bulky and offer little control when shaving. The razor also comes with a travel case in case.

The handle of the razor looks shiny but it actually has a rough texture. This texture ensures that it will not slip during. Safety razors are used for wet shaving and slippery razors are useless. This razor provides the same sure grip as that of other safety razors. The handle of the razor is designed to have a shape that will let the fingers grip securely.

This razor is intended for people who want a razor that just works and can be adjusted for better shaving results. It packs all the features of an excellent DE safety razor. Compared to its HD counterpart, this one costs less. With other regular safety razors, this one costs a bit more although the innovative design makes the price reasonable. The razor has been designed to perform well, the only thing that must be done to achieve its full potential is to use the right razor blade and learn how to make use of the settings. With constant practice complemented with the right shaving products, this razor can be considered the best razor.

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