How do I Sharpen a Straight Razor?

How do I Sharpen a Straight RazorThere are many kinds of people who still love using a straight razor than the normal ones. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Shaving with a straight razor isn’t an easy task. There are many considerations that are to be followed if you need a clean and suave shave with a straight razor. Among the various considerations one such is sharpening the same.

Now, there are many who might think that honing or sharpening the razor is a tough task. But a little bit of understanding about the same won’t hurt. A new straight razor remains sharp for a few months but after that it starts getting blunt. Using a blunt straight razor is not at all safe and its need to be sharpened time and again. If you too are among those who use straight razors but are not all acquainted on how to sharpen the same then we are here to help you.

The paragraphs mentioned below will have thorough steps on how to sharpen a straight razor. To more you need to scroll down the article.

What are the important considerations regarding the sharpening of straight razor?

  • The important things that form the base of straight razor sharpening are to straight up the blades and get rid of any kind of scratch. The second consideration that is to be kept in mind is the bevel of the razor needs to be suave. Last but not the least the bevel is to be sharpened.
  • The second thing that is important to keep in mind is to identify the need of sharpening the straight razor. It makes the whole sharpening process very easy when you realize if the need to sharpen the straight razor. There are certain things that can help you achieve the identification.
  • Just having a good shave is great way to understand whether the straight razor is at all sharp or not. A pulling sensation of hair means that the razor needs sharpening whereas, a feeling of irritation means that the razor is a bit too sharp.
  • Another great way to identify the need of honing is by pulling a hair from the roots and then holding on hand. After taking the position of holding the hair take the razor and trying cutting the same. A shape razor will provide a clean cut whereas, a blunt razor will not do the same simple.
  • By drawing the straight razor with the help of your thumb is another great way to recognize whether the razor needs honing or not. If there is any kind of tickling sensation how light it may be then the sharpness that the razor has is perfect and if the tickling is stronger than definitely it needs honing.
  • Fingernail test is another great way to identify the problem. Just like drawing the razor of thumb, draw it similarly over a wet nail. If the same produces a slight cut in the same then it is sharp enough and glide that is produced with the help of the ice means the razor is dull.
  • The next thing that you will need to sharpen the straight razor is a hone. This particular way of honing will be based on new razors that need sharpening. There are two kinds of thing that come to great help like a barber’s hone or stone that is made for the purpose of polishing or grit finishing.
  • There are various kinds of hone stones that are easily available in the market. It is important to get a good hone for the purpose of sharpening a straight razor. There are various people especially people who don’t have much idea about honing think that using a hone of your grandfather’s age will do just fine. The problem behind the same is that you usually might not have any idea about the grit of the stone. Knowing the grit of the stone is very important and thus plays a very role in the whole process.
  • The best measurement of stone that can be utilized for the procedure of honing is a stone of about 3 inches in measurement. 1 inch measurement of stone might seem to be good bargain but that doesn’t help in covering the whole straight razor.

Steps to complete the whole process of sharpening a straight razor:

Sharpen a Straight Razor

Here are proper steps that are necessary to be followed if the individual needs to keep in mind for a better shave.

Step-1: The first and the foremost thing that is important to be done for a better shave is to place the razor flat on the stone. It is normally seen that the ground of the razor is conclave and that provides a better kind of edge which is finer is nature.

Steps-2: The next thing to do is put the razor in X shape. While passing a dragging the whole razor the X shaped is important to be maintained.

Step-3: Now, sharpening procedure starts with dragging the blade in a downwards motion and that too slightly. This in turn helps in avoiding the razor to catch in the stone edge.

Step-4: The strokes with the help of which the whole sharpening procedure is to be performed should be light. The light strokes provide better sharpening than the aggressive ones. Too much pressure might be the reason behind the missing of the bevel which plays an important role in the sharpening procedure.

Step-5: The last step that makes up the whole straight razor sharpening procedure is to make sure that you don’t provide the razor with extra sharpening. If the razors are too sharpened then there are chances that the shave that the razor will give away will be not at all good.

These were some of the important considerations and steps that are to be kept in mind if you are total beginner when it comes to sharpening a straight razor.

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