Grandpa’s Razor is Making a Comeback

Grandpa’s RazorGrandpa’s razor is making a comeback, and a spokesman for The Art of Shaving was quoted stating that safety razor sales increased 1000 percent between 2009 and 2014. There are several reasons for this dramatic resurgence in the popularity of safety razors that include a new fascination with heritage goods and brands. It is not uncommon for a safety razor to be passed down from father to son for generations, and in post recession America where the focus is turning to products that are a good investment this is welcome news for the manufacturers of safety razors.

Not only are older, established companies like Gillette and Baxter of California seeing an increase in the sales of safety razors, but the sudden and steady surge in popularity has also resulted in the appearance of newer brands. Mercer & James is a two year old company who manufactures high quality safety razors, and founder Michael Scholtfedlt is still amazed at the success of his brand.

Younger generations are discovering what their grandfathers already knew that sometimes it is better to pay a little more for a quality product now so they can save money in the long run. Unlike electric razors there are not any breakable moving parts and there is no need to constantly run to the store to replace a dull disposable one. Double edge blades for safety razors are also ridiculously inexpensive, and generally only cost a couple of cents per blade. Shaving with a safety razor not only less expensive it will also give them an incredibly close shave and it is better for their skin. Men who have been dealing with breakouts and other skin irritations for years are discovering that these problems seem to disappear when they shave with a safety razor.

If the success of these new and well established companies doesn’t convince men that the future of shaving lies with their grandpa’s razor, then one of the widely popular men’s shaving websites and discussion forums might. Some of these discussion boards receive over 800,000 visits a month, which translates to a lot of men who appreciate the elegance of shaving with a safety razor.

As the number of men who use these razors continues to grow, so do the concerns about safety. While there is a protective guard that helps to prevent nasty cuts, and it is definitely safer that a straight razor there is still a chance you could nick your skin. Most experts recommend taking it slow, especially if you are new to shaving with a safety razor. As your skill and confidence increases you will soon realize how luxurious it can feel to shave with grandpa’s razor and your sensitive skin will thank you for causing less irritation.

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