Why You Should Not Use Canned Shaving Cream

canned shaving creamA common question that keeps popping up is why you shouldn’t use canned shaving cream with a double edge razor. Yes, it is convenient and inexpensive but so is fast food and you definitely don’t want to eat it every day. The same is true for canned shaving cream, including the extremely popular Barber-sol brand, and there are several reasons why you want to stay away from the canned products.

A Few Reasons to Stay Away from Canned Shaving Creams

  1. Air Pressure

Okay, so this might be exaggerating a little, but you really don’t need air pressure with your shaving cream. While some people might enjoy the fun noise the can makes when you press down on the nozzle, it has absolutely no benefits for your skin. Save the air pressure for inflating tires, wading pools, and sports balls, and stick with the traditional style shaving creams and soaps. If you absolutely do not want to use “old fashioned” shaving creams, try and find one that is in a squeeze tube.

  1. Dry, Flaky Skin

The propellant has a bad tendency to dry out your skin, which can leave you with a red, irritated face and neck. The propellant can form a barrier over your skin which prevents water from soothing and hydrating while your shaving.

  1. Added Lubricants

Since canned shaving cream can dry out your skin, most brands add petroleum based lubricants. While on the surface this might seem like a good idea, in reality it can actually cause your skin to become chapped and dry. The petroleum can also block water from hydrating your skin, and there is always the risk of an allergic reaction from the lubricants.

  1. Harder to Remove Hair

Along with hydrating your skin, water is essential for a smooth, close shave. The beads of water help to lift and soften the hair to make it easier to cut. This is particularly helpful if you tend to have thick or coarse stubble, and water is also the perfect natural lubricant.

  1. Dull Blades

Short of running the edge of the blades continuously against hard metal, nothing can cause it to become dull faster than canned shaving cream. Not only is it tough on your double edge blades, it is also difficult to clean afterwards. There is a reason that canned shaving cream is often to referred to as “goo”, and you will quickly figure out why as you are trying to get it out of your previously elegant safety razor.

If you have any additional questions we would love to hear from you, along with any comments you might have. We hope that this helps to explain why you should avoid canned shaving creams, and we also encourage you to share this page with friends and family.

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