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Adjustable safety razors are ideal for all skin types, and are identified by a range of numbers that are printed on the handle. A small knob can be turned to adjust the width of the blade opening, and the number range can change between different types of DE safety razors. A lower setting gives you a small opening which is ideal for shaving sensitive skin, while a larger gap exposes more of the razor blade so you can cut through thicker beard growth.

Benefits of an Adjustable DE Razor

 Not only will adjustable razors let you comfortably shave sensitive skin, and remove coarser facial hair it will also help you quickly find the best setting for you. Unlike classic safety razors which have only one width that is designed for a specific skin type, an adjustable safety razor can be used by everyone. These safety razors are ideal for beginners who are learning to use a wet shaver, and even for men who have different types of hair growth.

Best Adjustable Razor Review

Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety RazorMerkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

The polished chrome 2″ handle is exceptionally well balanced for comfortable control while shaving. The adjustable cutting head has a range of 1-5, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin, and coarser beard growth. It is an affordable DE safety razor that is durable and long lasting. The plastic number is easy to turn, and the number range is clearly displayed so you always dial a perfectly smooth shave. The included travel case makes it easy to stay clean shaven wherever you go, along with 10 DE safety razor blades.

Merkur FUTUR Adjustable Safety RazorMerkur “Futur” Safety Razor

One of the first things you will notice is the polished chrome finish, and the modern style handle. The angle of the cutting is head can be easily adjusted by turning the handle, which lets you comfortably glide the DE razor over flat cheekbones, and across contoured side burns. The three piece razor is easy to clean, and the double edge blades simply drop and lock into place with the cutting head cap. The medium weight to the handle lets you control the pressure, and you can also decrease the width of the blade opening to 0.5mm for a close and gentle shave.

Merkur Progress Long Handle Safety RazorMerkur Progress Long-Handle Adjustable Safety Razor

With 6 settings, you can get a close, comfortable shave without irritating your skin. The polish chrome handle has ribs to help prevent slipping, and is longer to fit comfortably in larger hands. You can also control the amount of pressure you apply when you are shaving to help prevent bumps and irritation. Well balanced and durable, this German manufactured DE safety razor is guaranteed to last through years of smooth, stubble free shaves.

Dovo Adjustable Polished Chrome Safety RazorDovo   Polished Chrome Plated Razor Adjustable

You can easily adjust the blade angle while you are shaving for a close and smooth shave without irritating your skin. The polished chrome safety razor is elegant and durable, and also includes a bar guard to prevent nicks and cuts. The handle is only 3″ long giving you absolute control over the razor, and is well balanced for a comfortable fit in your hand. Since it is a shorter safety razor it may not be ideal for men with larger sized hands, and it also includes one sharp DE blade to get you started experience a smooth, stubble free shave.

Merkur Vision Adjustable DE Safety RazorMerkur VISION Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

The beautiful polished chrome finish gives this stainless steel adjustable safety razor a modern and elegant appearance. The cutting head is easy to adjust to allow for a perfect blade angle no matter where you are shaving on your face or neck. The safety razor is easy to clean, and the head screws off so you can quickly replace the blade. A stainless steel construction means that this razor will last you for years, and it measures 4.75 inches for a medium aggressive shave. Well balanced for comfort and control, this is a great DE shaver for beginners and for experienced wet shavers. You will also notice that the handle is contoured to help prevent slipping, and 10 platinum steel razor blades are also included with the durable safety razor.


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