Best TTO Safety Razor Review

There are various types of safety razors the tto kind is one of the many. Tto or twist-to-open safety razors are also called butterfly or silo razors. They are a one piece design with no removable parts. The twist-to-open mechanism helps you to insert blades at the twist of a knob which is situated at the bottom of the handle, used to open the butterfly door on the razor’s head to easily clean and change blades. Some of the best of its kind available in the market are:

Parker 22R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker-22R - Long-Handle-Butterfly-Open-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor-&-5-Shark-Super-Chrome-Blades-View1This razor is made of black gun metal with a nickel frame to produce ultimate durability. The weight of the razor is so balanced that it will do half of the shaving. The wide diameter and spiral curving along the handle provides non slip grip.


  • Well balanced razor puts less pressure  on the hand
  • Easy blade replacement, fit for novice shavers


  • Can prove difficult for people with small hand

Weishi Safety Razor and Travel Case

It has a chrome plating body that keeps away rust has a very solid feel and is considered a comparatively less aggressive razor. The blade is provided with a protection so that the open edges don’t cut easily and are convenient to carry. Considering its low price and easy handling this has become very popular among beginners. It accepts standard double edge blades which are available anywhere.


  • A very durable product
  • Safety protection prevents cuts


  • No negative feedback can be gathered about this razor

RazoRock Classic Twist To Open Double Edge Razor

RazoRock Classic Twist To Open Double Edge RazorThis tto razor is made conveniently heavy with a brass body and chrome plating to provide the ultimate balance for a close shave. The knurled handle facilitates non slip grip. It accepts any double edge blades. Provides excellent low budget wet shave.


  • Heavyweight body gives the perfect balance for a controlled shave
  • No chance of a slip, so no cuts as well


  • No such negative points are available

Merkur Solingen Double-Edge Razor with Heavy-Duty Long Handle MK38C

This chrome plating long handle razor is fit for people who have longs hands and find it difficult to do with smaller handles. The double edge blades ensure you have a very close shave. Added to that its chrome finish non slip handles keep rust and corrosion at bay.


  • Accepts any double edge blades
  • It has a sturdy feel which puts less pressure on the hands


  • Can prove unforgiving in novice hands

Parker 82R Super HeavyWeight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

This heavyweight razor is manufactured to provide shavette level shave, the weight produces the right balance which enables one to have a close shave with minimum application of pressure. Though the body looks sleek it has an old world charm keeping in mind the conventional shavers. The body is nickel and chrome plating on a brass frame. 5 Shark super chrome blades are provided with it to give a professional quality shave.


  • The twist to open mechanism makes blade replacement and cleaning really very easy.


  • With legacy of Parker no negative points can be attached

Hope the above mentioned tto razors give you an idea about the latest technology in safety razors. Take your own pick and enjoy a nice close shave.

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