Best Stainless Steel Straight Razor Review

Over the years stainless steel razors have been trusted by gentlemen for their problem free maintenance and durability. Major straight razor brands also produce carbon steel blades but seasoned shavers prefer stainless steel more than carbon steel because compared to the former, the latter has a really very slight edge in smoothness and sharpness. Also, the razors having stainless handles give a nice weight to the razors compared to the aluminium handles, resulting in effortless and controlled maneuvering.

Now let us take a look at some of the stainless steel razors available in the market.

Top Stainless Steel Straight Razor Review

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Its genuine stainless steel body has kept the trust of men for over 40 years. Parker actually made razors for barbershops but then its skilled performance made its way into the households. Its rounded tip minimizes the chance of getting cuts. It has a clever built where the blade is lodged by an easy snap/lock system.


  • Accepts barber’s single edge or any double edge blades
  • Easy blade replacement
  • No need of prior honing and stropping


  • Trained hands are preferred for its use else it can turn out to be unforgiving

Stainless Steel Straight Razor (5/8 inch) razor by Dovo

This razor comes with the brand name of Dovo which is a pioneer in manufacturing shavettes.  It has got 100% stainless steel body which keeps away rust and bacteria. The classic olive wood handles gives this razor its elegant look.


  • Full hollow, lightweight body
  • Accepts 5/8” standard blades from any brand


  • Doesn’t come shave ready, requires pre-honing

KAI Japanese Straight Razor Professional Kamisori Stainless Steel CAP-SDR

KAI Japanese Straight Razor Professional Kamisori Stainless Steel CAP-SDRWhen talking about cutting age performance one cannot miss out the Japanese technology. This sleek beauty is made of 100% stainless steel and its high quality performance has kept it side by side with its European counterparts. This is a professional cum household shaver due to its comfortable and skillful design.


  • The rounded tip enables you to have safe cut-free shave
  • The resin handle makes it a lightweight product


  • Not suitable for long hands
  • No moulded grip handle to ensure slip free grip

Boker 5/8″ Stainless Straight Razor

Boker Straight Razor, Olive Handle, Stainless Steel BladeThis is also a product of Solingen ordinance. It gives you the best value of your money with a classic strong olive-wood handle. The razor comes in an elegant historical packaging and certificate of authenticity.


  • It accepts the universally standard blade size of 5/8”
  • The corrosion resistant blades require no maintenance


  • Require trained hands for a cut free shave

Now, since you have a list of the best stainless steel straight razors hope you will not risk your skin with a rusted razor ever.

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