What Are The Best Safety Razors For Women?

Best Safety Razors For Women

Best Safety Razors For Women

While it might be surprising to some men, many women love shaving with a double edge safety razor. They can experience the same luxurious and moisturizing smooth shave, without nicking the tricky knee and ankle areas.

Instead of sharing a safety razor with their husbands and boyfriends many women are finding their own long handled shavers. If you want to get rid of embarrassing stubble on your legs and underarms, keep reading to see our reviews on some of the best safety razors for women.

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Reviewing Safety Razors for Women

Make shaving your legs and underarms a luxurious and relaxing experience in the bathtub with these safety razors designed to give you smooth, hair free skin.

Edwin Jagger Heather Ladies Double Edged Safety Razor

The light heather colored handle is elegant against the chrome double edge cutting head and twisting base. The closed comb head helps to lift fine leg hairs to give you an exceptionally smooth shave. It is balanced for easy maneuvering around your ankles and legs, and will also safely shave sensitive underarms without irritation. The longer handle lets you reach behind your knees, and the safety razor also includes five Derby razor blades.

Parker 29L “UNISEX” Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades

Designed for either men or women, the classical handle fits comfortably into your hand. It is lightweight to prevent nicks and cuts, and the double edge design gives you a long lasting silky smooth shave. The butterfly safety razor is easy to maneuver around your natural curves, and also makes changing the razor blades quick and easy. Five Shark razor blades are included with the Parker long handle safety razor.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

One of the most popular long handle safety razors from Merkur, it is ideal for beginners and for women with sensitive skin. While the handle may have been designed for men with larger hands, it also makes this safety razor ideal for reaching behind your knees and other tricky places. The stainless steel construction makes it durable, and also gives this safety razor a classic and elegant look. The double edge opening will let you have the close shave that you want without drawing any blood.

Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic “Barber Pole” Long Safety Razor

Men love this safety razor for its classical design that reminds them of luxurious shaves at the barber shop. Women love the extra long handle which makes it even easier to shave their legs and underarms. The safety razor features a textured 3.75 inch handle that prevents slipping when wet, and the chrome finish protects the inner brass construction. It is durable and able to give a close, smooth shave with the double edge design, and is ideal for beginning shavers and for women with thicker body hair.

WSP “El Grande” Double Edge Safety Razor Shaving

Simply because this safety razor may not be as well known as other models, does not mean that it does not give you an amazingly close shave. The chrome plated safety razor is ideal for wet shaving and beginners featuring a heavier handle with a no slip textured design. The handle is 85mm long and is comfortable wider than other safety razors at 14mm. This will let you have better control over the double edge safety razor which is important especially when shaving difficult ankle areas. Weighing only 75 grams, the mild cutting head will accept most standard DE razor blades.


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