Merkur Travel Razors Make Shaving Easy

While it is not like safety razors are difficult to pack, or take up a lot of room in your suitcase, it can still be annoying trying to find what you need when you are finally at your destination. A Merkur travel razor has everything you need to keep your five o’clock shadow away tucked into a convenient travel case. Stay smooth shaven while you are away, and always know where your personal grooming tools are with a safety razor designed to travel with you.

The Best Merkur Travel Razors

 Whether you want to do a quick touch up after a long flight, or simply want to be able to find all of your shaving tools without a problem a Merkur travel razor can make it easier to always look your best.

Merkur Travel Razor, Chrome-Plated, in Leather Case

The convenient leather traveling case makes it easy to find your chrome platted Merkur safety razor and blades anywhere in your suitcase or overnight bag. It can be collapse into three small pieces to fit easily into small bags or even briefcases, and becomes a full sized safety razor when you put it back together. The double edge blade and open cutting head give you the close and smooth shave that you expect without irritating your skin.

Merkur-Razor Travel razor dismountable, chrome-plated,in leather case with 1 blade

Manufactured in the United States, the small carrying case fits easily into any suitcase or bag. The chrome plated safety razor breaks down into two pieces and can be reassembled in seconds. The handle is contoured to glide easily over your face without pinching or cutting the skin, and it also features a no slip pattern which prevents slipping during quick wet shaves. Sleek and stylish nickel chrome plating let you enjoy the luxury of a close shave even when you are away from home.

Merkur Collabsible Safety Razor Travel Set

The leather carrying case is durable and elegant, just like the chrome plated safety razor. Featuring a satin chrome finish, it is a beautiful razor that will give you a close and comfortable shave. It is collapsible for easy packing, and fit slip into any suitcase or briefcase pocket. Perfect for touchups or complete shaves, its lightweight and shorter handle make it perfect your younger travelers.

Merkur Travel Safety Razor

If you love the smooth gliding control you get from a straight handle safety razor, then you’ll love being able to take this travel razor with you wherever you go. The small convenient carrying case will fit almost anywhere in your luggage, and the safety razor breaks down into three smaller pieces. It is easy and quick to put back together, and is a full length safety razor when it is completely assembled. The double edge design gives you an extra close and smooth shave that is designed to last for hours.

Merkur 45 Bakelite Safety Razor Travel Set

Lightweight at only 15grams, this travel safety razor is ideal for shaving finer facial hair without a lot of pressure being applied. It includes 10 Merkur shaving blades so you don’t have to worry about packing any, and it is constructed from a durable plastic. The fashionable color gets this safety razor noticed, while the included traveling case makes it easy to carry with you. Ideal for quick touchups, and for a complete daily shave.


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Todd is a resident of Florida and enjoys looking his best. He believes that taking pride in his appearance is important to succeeding in life. He learned how to shave by watching his grandfather and dad, and is proud to be carrying on the family tradition of wet shaving. He is always ready to try a new safety razor, in his never ending search to look his best while pampering his face. You can often find Todd in the local barbershop discussing shaving techniques and supplies.

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