Sometimes You Need Best Disposable Razor

You may feel like you are cheating on your elegant safety razor, but there are times when you just need a quick touch up. While nothing will give you a shave as close as a DE razor, there are disposable razors that won’t irritate your skin. The economical price makes them ideal for traveling, and also for simply trying out a new style of razor.

There are several types of disposable razors that include both safety and straight designs. Lightweight and easy to use, some even include blade cartridges so you can get more than one use. Whether you want to shave your thick beard off with a disposable straight razor or simply need to give your skin a break from an aggressive safety shaver, we have found several disposable razors that are perfectly capable of giving you a close, comfortable shave.

The Best Disposable Straight Razor

LORD Straight Razor Barber Single Edge Disposable

With 12 straight razors you can stay clean shaven for days. Styled after a professional barber’s grooming tool, it is ideal for touch ups when you are traveling. Constructed from a durable plastic, you don’t have to worry about the straight razor breaking while you are using it. Lightweight at only 2 pounds, it is easier to maneuver around your necks and chin area. The handle is 5″ long for comfortable control, and it is capable of giving you a smooth, close shave.

The Best Cartridge Razor

Gillette Sensor Excel, Refill Cartridges 10 ea

As one of the premier manufacturer’s of men’s shavers, this cartridge razor exceeds all expectations. It includes three replacement blades that are easy to pop into place, so you can always have smooth, stubble free skin. The longer 7.6″ handle comfortably fits all hand sizes, and the twin blades cut through even coarse beard growth. Weighing only 2.4 ounces, this affordable cartridge razor is easy to control as it glides across your face. Featuring protective micro fins to prevent razor burn, it is ideal for when you don’t have time to use a safety razor.

MACH3 Classic Razor

It is almost impossible not to have heard about MACH3 cartridge razor that includes three blades for extended use. The moisturizing strip prevents embarrassing razor burn, along with comfort edges that are also patented. The blade is angled to give you a close and comfortable shave, and it is ideal for quick touch ups. Use it at home or when you are traveling and never worry about having a 5 o’clock shadow again.

Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care Razor Refill

Best for wet shaving, Schick cartridge razor is designed to follow your body’s natural contours. Ideal for men with sensitive skin, or for women looking for smooth, moisturized legs, this is one of the best cartridge razors. It is affordably priced and includes 12 cartridges so you don’t have to worry about immediately replacing them. The moisturizing shaver uses aloe, so you can lather and hydrate your skin while you are shaving. The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip without slipping, and the head of the razor is curved to glide smoothly across your skin. The four blade cutting head also pivots to reach all of the hair without irritation.

Dorco Pace 3- Three Razor Blade Shaving System

The three blade system gives you an amazingly close shave, without irritating your skin with several passes of the razor. The blade is specifically angled for a cleaner shave, and won’t become clogged like other razors. There is a lubrication strip that helps to soothe skin while you shave that includes chamomile, olive oil and also moisturizing allantoin. The cartridge is classified as an open flow, which means that it can be rinsed without corroding. The cutting head will move with the contours of your face, so you can always get a clean and close shave. Lightweight for easy maneuvering, you also get three replaceable cartridges with this shaving system.


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