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There is a definite difference between a shave with a Merkur safety razor and other brands. With a solid stainless steel construction and single blade design, all Merkur razor models are able to give you a smooth and comfortable shave every time. Since all of these safety razors are designed to glide easily without pressure, there is little risk of irritation or embarrassing nicks and cuts. While Merkur razors may cost a little more, these German designed safety razors are well worth the slightly higher price.

Merkur Razor Reviews

If you want to experience a luxurious wet shave with a vintage safety razor, then one of these top rated Merkur shavers will be ideal for you. Durable and elegantly designed, they are a beautiful addition to any male grooming kit.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Classically styled, the chrome finish gives this safety razor an elegant finish, and the extra long handle makes it easy to control while saving. At 4 inches long it is great for men with larger hands, and the double edge cutting head gives you an extra close shave. This safety razor is ideal for men with thicker or faster growing facial hair, who want to avoid a 5 o” clock shadow.

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C

It has been called the best Merkur razor, and it is classic, stylish, and elegant. Its design has changed little since the first safety razor was introduced, making this safety razor a favorite among vintage shavers. It is intended to give you a heavier shave, and is not recommended for men with sensitive facial skin. Featuring a double edge cutting head, the safety razor can give you a long lasting smooth shave. It is also a great safety razor for beginner shavers.

Merkur Classic Safety Razor

The cutting head can be easily removed for cleaning and blade replacement, and the stainless steel construction makes this a long lasting classical safety razor. The handle is shorter at 3 inches, so you can easily maneuver around your face and neck. It is ideal for beginners learning the art of wet shaving, and is also ideal for thicker beard growth with its double edge blade design. There is enough weight to the razor to remove hair growth on a single pass, while still be light enough to not irritate sensitive skin.

Merkur Classic Safety Razor

One of the first things you will notice about this safety razor is the gorgeous satin finish. The adjustable safety razor can glide over all of the contours of your face without leaving nicks and cuts. The double edge quickly and efficiently removes all the hair on the first pass, reducing the risk of irritating sensitive skin. Measuring a little over 4 inches in length, it is designed to give you a close and comfortable shave.

Merkur “Futur” Safety Razor

Simply by twisting the beautiful chrome handle you can adjust the blade for maximum comfort while you are shaving. Get every hair the first time and reduce the risk of irritating your skin. The double edge blade will cut even the coarsest facial hair, and the 4″ long handle fits comfortably in any size hand. The heavier handle means that you do not have to apply as much pressure when you are shaving, so you do not have to worry about embarrassing nicks and cuts.

The Best Merkur Blades for Your Safety Razor

The right razor blade will make all the difference when you are shaving, and Merkur distributes several that are ideal for their razors. Durable and sharp, these razor blades will give you the close shave that you want without causing ingrown hairs or other skin irritations to form.

Merkur Combo Pack of 30 Razor Blades

This three pack of double safety razor blades will fit all Merkur double edge shavers. Designed to keep their edge, so you can get the smooth shave that you love.

Merkur-Razor Double Edge Razor Blades

These stainless razor blades will fit all Merkur double edge razors, and it includes 5 packs with 10 blades each.

Double Edge Razor Blade Economy Sample Pack #1 – 60 Blades

This 60 pack of safety razor blades include several different types and styles of double edge blades. These razor blades will fit in all Merkur double edge shavers, and are ideal for men who are still trying to find their perfect razor blade. With the ability to choose from 9 different manufactures, there is bound to be one brand that you prefer.


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