New To Wet Shaving: Find Best Beginner DE Safety Razors

Shaving with a DE safety razor is a completely different experience than the one you get with an electric or disposable model. The best double edge safety razor is an elegant tool that will leave your skin soft and smooth. Between the luxurious feeling of brushing on the shaving cream with a soft brush, and the extra close shave you will quickly see why so many men are returning to the classic wet shave.

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New to Wet Shaving?

A double edge safety razor is different than other shavers, and it might take you a little while to get used to using it. A few things to consider when you are first learning the art of shaving is that you want to always use a sharp blade on a razor that will glide smoothly over your skin. The best DE safety razor blade for beginners will be classified as having moderate sharpness.

You will also want to find a DE razor that is well balanced, and easy to hold in your hand. Some of the best safety razors for beginners will have a textured pattern on the handle. This will help to prevent the razor from slipping when your hands are wet. A cutting head that has a non adjustable gap is also recommended for first time wet shavers, along with a safety bar. This will let you concentrate on getting the right angle with the blade, while the razor helps to protect your sensitive skin.

Best Beginner DE Safety Razors

Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades

If you are going to start shaving like a gentleman, you might as well make a statement with these boldly designed DE shaver. The brass frame is durable and long lasting, while the chrome plating is classically elegant. What really gets your attention is the black and gold engraved handle that makes a statement wherever you store it. While it is marketed as a “heavy duty” safety razor that shave that it gives is only medium aggressive. The 4″ long handle is long enough to fit comfortably in your hand, and the textured engravings keep it from slipping while you are shaving. The cutting head is closed to give you a close shave without nicks and cuts, which is perfect while you are still learning how much pressure to apply. This razor also includes Shark DE razor blades for beginners.

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

One of the best TTO safety razors, it simple butterfly design is ideal for beginning wet shavers. Constructed from stainless steel and durable plastic, it has a nice, balanced weight at 35 grams. The closed cutting head gives you a close shave without irritation, and only requires that you use a little pressure. Affordable, it is the ideal safety razor for anyone who is first getting interested in trying a DE shaver.

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C (Blade Included)

The classic design of the Merkur 34C safety razor makes it a favorite among experienced wet shavers, and it is also ideal for those first learning how to shave. It is hand crafted in Germany, and manages to convey an old world style. The textured handle is chrome plated and textured both for weight and grip, and fits comfortably and securely in your hand while you are shaving. The guard on the cutting head is rounded to glide around your chin and lips, and the blade stays at a 30 degree angle which is ideal for trimming unruly sideburns. With a handle that only measures 3″, it is easy to control while you are still learning.

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated DE Safety Razor

If you are looking for a vintage safety razor that is also easy to use, then this affordable Edwin Jagger DE shaver was designed with you in mind. The mirror chrome finish is elegant and classic, and also durable. The handle is balanced for easy maneuvering, and the rings help to keep it from slipping. The small blade gap will let you cut through heavier beard growth, while still being gentle on sensitive skin. Able to fit comfortably in most sized hands, it is a great first safety razor to start shaving with.


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