Best Safety Razors for Beginners: Get a Clean Shave Without a Cut

Shaving is the first thing that young crowd tend to do as they grow up. This is one such thing that a man always has in his collection. As they grow up their choices and preferences regarding way of shaving changes. When he is a boy and starts shaving the only thing they give heed to learning the art of shaving. But when they grow up to a certain age they start looking for things such as, quality of shave and how clean shave it provides.

But safety is a very important concern that not only the older men should keep in mind but also it is important for boys who are new in the area of shaving. There are various kinds of razor found in the market but not all those are appropriate for the boys who just started to shave. So, we are here to provide all the readers about an idea about the best safety razors that are available for the beginners. So, without any further delay here is the list about the same.

Recommended Top Safety Razors for Beginners Review

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C

Merkur-Heavy-Duty-Double-Edge-Razor #34C-(Blade Included)-ViewThis particular razor is a straight bar razor that has a short grip and has handle which appears to be larger when it comes to its diameter. The whole model is made in such a way that the design of the razor helps in balancing the weight of the head of the razor. The razor has such a grip that it fits well in the hand and exactly in right proportion. The handle of the razor is made of zinc-alloy and is chrome-plated. The handle additionally has patterns that are criss-cross which in turn provides a good grip while you are in the shower. So, there are less chances of the razor slipping away from your hand.


  • It provides good shave.
  • The criss-cross patterns helps in getting good a grip on the razor.
  • Fewer tendencies to slip away from the hand.
  • The price of the razor is reasonable.


  • According to some customers that there are chances that the chrome plating of the razor might chip or peel away with time. But there is nothing to worry because that in no way will affect the shaving.

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

When it comes to wet shaving then the first company that comes up in the mind is feather, why? Because it provides good, clean and safe shave. It is great razor for the beginners because of the short handle it has and the bar that is suave. The bar is made especially for those who don’t prefer non-aggressive shaving. The mechanism that the razor has is butterfly. Moreover, the razor comes with blades and case for the purpose of travelling and it is free with the razor.


  • It is safe razor.
  • Perfect for the beginners.
  • Comes with free travelling case and blades.
  • The razor comes cheap.
  • The bar of the razor is smooth.


  • Some customers had certain questions regarding the design of the razor because except for the butterfly doors the remaining part of resin. But this doesn’t disturb the working mechanism of the razor.
  • You can’t install feather blades to the same. Moreover, the feather blades are not advised if the person using the razor is a beginner.

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor-1Razors made by the house of Edwin Jagger are known for the best quality of the product and the long lasting capacity of the same. The best part of the razor is the short grip that comes with the same. The straight bar of the razor is made with all chrome. This not provides the attractiveness to the razor but gives sheen to the same. It is specifically made for comport as well as smooth shave.


  • The shave provided by the razor is great.
  • The look of the razor is fantastic.
  • It provides a great grip.
  • The razor gives away a smooth as well comfortable shave.
  • The quality of the razor is very good.
  • It is safe for the people who have just started to shave.
  • The weight of the razor is well balanced and perfect.
  • It is durable.
  • The blades that come with the same are very good.

Parker 24C -Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades

This particular razor is an open comb set-up for men who have thick or boorish beard. The tad of the razor is heavier than most of its counterparts and that helps in getting rid of the thick beards easily and without much of a problem.


  • This razor is the perfect for safe shaving.
  • Perfect for the men who are beginners when it comes to shaving.
  • Provides suave shave.
  • It cuts thick beards beautifully.


  • One problem with the razor is that the
  • It takes time to get used with this particular razor according to some customers.
  • Some customers suggest that try using the same with some Wilkinson blades before starting with some sharper ones. As this helps in making the task with this particular razor easy.

Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Double Edge Blades

This particular razor is a heavy made one is perfect to get rid of the tough and thick beards. The grip that the razor has is long and has an additional heavy head that helps in getting the perfect shave instead of the tough beard. The negation to the razor us provided by the straight bar that comes with the same.


  • This particular razor is specifically made for the toughest of the beards.
  • The grip that is provided by the razor is great.
  • It provides smooth shave.


  • Some customers suggest that it is best to start working with the razor by putting a Derby Extra blade and then slowly move on to Wilkinson Sword.

The above razors that are mentioned in the list are the best razors which are perfect for any beginners who are still mastering the art of shaving. All these razors are safe and are thoroughly recommended by the customers. These razors additionally help in getting rid of thick beards and leave a smooth feeling at the end. If you too are somebody who wishes to get a suave and safe shave being a beginner then this list might be of great help.

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