Mühle Closed Comb R89 DE Razor for Perfect Grip

Shaving with straight razors is really difficult for first timers. The same goes for double edge safety razors although the level of difficulty is quite less. Straight razors are the most effective razors but again, they’re not very easy to use. That is why a lot of people prefer safety razors over the straight razors. There are safety razors that are especially made for starters. The Mühle R89 is exactly that kind of double edge safety razor.

It is suitable for first timers because of its reduced aggressiveness. The common results with first time safety razor users are cuts, nicks, and poor shaving results. While it is ideal that a razor should be as aggressive as possible, some people are not skilled enough to shave properly with a very sharp and tilted blade. The head of the razor primarily dictates how aggressive the razor will be. The Mühle R89 has a small head with a closed comb design. This is the common design among safety razors for newbies.  The small head angles the blade for very mild shaving and the comb makes up for the reduced aggressiveness. The comb ensures that ingrowing hairs are taken out during shaving.

The construction of the razor is similar to classic designs. It’s made from stainless steel and the entire razor is chrome plated. To provide a good grip, the handle of the razor is detailed with numerous knurling that spiral around the handle. This detail together with the small head gives the razor its characteristic features. Unlike the classic designs where the detail on the handle is crisscrossing, the knurling of the handle looks like a barber pole. This design was quite common to the much older designs of safety razors.

  • Muhle-Closed-Comb-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor,-R89,-Chrome-Plated-Metal-View

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  • Quality: 10/10
  • User Friendly: 9/10

A user friendly DE safety razor is kind of rare. Oftentimes, DE razors are known to be difficult to use and would require a lot practice before a smooth and worry-free shaving can be achieved.

  • Grip: 10/10
  • Ease of Blade Replacement: 8/10
  • Aggressiveness: 8/10

The low score does make the razor look bad. The aggressiveness is intentionally reduced to allow new users to shave with the razor without having to suffer from cuts and wounds that most newbies get with an unfamiliar razor.

  • Adjustability: 8/10
  • Balance: 9/10
  • Value for Money: 10/10
  • Overall: 9/10

Avid DE safety razor users usually use around two or three razors in their entire lifetime. Some even have only one or two depending on how early they’ve found the perfect razor for them. Commonly, the “perfect razors” are the first razors that they’ve used. This mild razor might just be the perfect razor that you are looking for. It has all the features of an excellently functional safety razor. First time users of safety razors should really put a lot of thought to the first purchase that they make for the razor and the products that they’re going to use. But if you’re an experienced safety razor, it is never wrong to go back to the basic designs. Sometimes, a razor that works is just what you need.

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