Merkur 178 Classic Safety Razor Rating & Review

The Merkur brand is enough to tell you that a razor you are getting is inspired by the classic and traditional designs. The Merkur Model 178 Classic Safety Razor is a very simple safety razor. It has a shiny gleaming look due to a chrome finish which makes the razor durable and corrosion-resistant. Its frame and head are made from stainless steel that provides a sturdy and solid construction to the razor. This Model is actually newer and has fine adjustments compared to the earlier models of purely classic designs of Merkur razors.

The head of the razor has a comb. This increases the accuracy of the blade used for shaving. The comb straightens out any curly hair that would otherwise get left behind when shaving. One of the concerns about straight and double edged razors is that more than one pass might be required to really get that nice clean and smooth shave. If they blade is excellent, one pass is enough when doing wet shaving with a safety razor. The comb takes out hose ingrown hairs that are very hard to remove shaving.


  • Quality: 10/10

Merkur safety razors are made from Germany. They’re famous for creating high quality safety razors and this one lives up to the brands reputation.

  • User Friendly: 8/10

The razor can’t be used for one time and immediately be a master over it. Shaving, especially we shaving is complex process and it can even be difficult depending on the texture of the hair.

  • Grip: 10/10

The handle of this razor is kind of short. This gives you versatility and control over the shaving. The handle is textured for a sure grip.

  • Ease of Blade Replacement: 9/10

In order to change the blade for this razor, you need to unscrew the handle which separates the head into two parts, the cover and the holder of the blade.

Merkur Model 178 Classic Safety Razor, Straight

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  • Aggressiveness: 9/10

The razor does not come with any blades but getting a DE razor is very easy. Double-edged razors are able to provide that close and accurate shaving.

  • Adjustability: 8/10

The razor is a stand-alone product and there are no other versions or sizes of the parts that can be purchased.

  • Balance: 9/10

The razor is light. Normally, razors wit good balance have weights of around 3 to 4 ounces. One can always get used to the weight and some people even shave better when using lighter razors.

  • Value for Money: 10/10

You get what you pay for with classic safety razors. They last for a very long time and you only have to think about the blades.

  • Overall: 9/10

It’s a plain razor and there’s nothing wrong with that. Shaving can be made enjoyable when one takes the time to do and accompanying it with high quality accessories and other products.

Some people say that shaving is an art. It requires skill and practice to do it right. This is particularly true for the classic razors. You can’t just shave your way through without being aware of the pressure and the direction of the blade.

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