How To Shave With A Double Edge Safety Razor

When you shave your face with a safety razor you are not only getting a close, smooth shave, you are getting a relaxing experience. Dampening your face with a warm towel, using a soft bristle brush to smooth the moisturizing shaving cream over your face is soothing and relaxing. It is a ritual that dates back to the early 1900’s and is a way for men to pamper themselves without damaging their masculinity.

Shaving with a safety razor takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it you can give yourself the same smooth shave that your grandfather used to get from his barber. Here are a few pointers to get you started shaving your face with a elegant safety razor.

Items You Will Need

There are a few items you will need to shave your face including a safety razor. There are several different types available, and we recommend beginning with a lightweight razor that gives a medium to mild shave. This will let you get used to maneuvering a safety razor around the contours of your face and neck, without irritating or cutting the skin. The other necessary items include a shaving brush and cream, and these can be picked according to personal preferences. Most experienced shavers recommend using a badger brush when shaving.

How To Shave Your Face with a Safety Razor

Step 1:


The first thing you need to do is to learn which direction your facial hair grows naturally. While it might be irritating for a day or two, it is best to let your beard grow before shaving with a safety razor the first time. By shaving in the same direction as the hair growth, you will be able to reduce the risk of skin irritation or ingrown hairs.

Step 2:

Wash your face thoroughly before shaving, and it is also a good idea to exfoliate. This will help to lift the hairs up for a closer shave, and remove dead skin cells that can clog pores and the hair follicles.

Step 3:

hot towel will relax your skin

While this step is not necessary, it does feel good and will help to soften coarse hair growth. A hot towel will relax your skin, and also reduces skin irritation when you are shaving. Not only will your face feel pampered, your skin will be soft and smooth.

Step 4:  

badger brush to apply the shaving cream

Most experienced shavers recommend using a badger brush to apply the shaving cream. Not only will it spread the foam evenly over your face, it also helps to lift the hairs for a closer shave. Most shaving creams also include facial moisturizers which also help to soothe irritated skin.

Step 5:


Sideburns and shaving along the sides of your face doesn’t have to be difficult. Without adding pressure to the razor, start shaving in the direction of the hair growth. Holding the blade at a 30 degree angle can give you the closest shave in this area. If you have thicker hair growth, you might want to consider an adjustable safety razor.

Step 6:

Your neck is a sensitive and delicate area to shave, not to mention it can make some men nervous to use a sharp razor blade in this area. Simply follow the direction of the hair growth from your Adam’s apple, and use a lightweight safety razor in the areas that need to be shaved.

Step 7:

The area around your lips and chin are the most difficult to shave, and it is generally recommended that you save these for last. If the shaving cream has dried by the time you get to your upper lip and chin, simply add a few drops of water to moisten the area. Using your free hand to pull your skin tight will give you an even surface that is easier to shave without cutting.

Step 8:

Rinsing your face with cool water not only removes the dried shaving hair and bits of hair, but it also helps to prevent redness and irritation from developing. The cool water will soothe your skin, and help to close pores to prevent ingrown hairs.

Soft, Smooth Skin

A double edge safety razor will give you a clean, close shave while also pampering your skin. By following these simple steps, you can soon be shaving like a professional. In the process, you will also have the benefit of a smooth face that last for hours.


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Todd is a resident of Florida and enjoys looking his best. He believes that taking pride in his appearance is important to succeeding in life. He learned how to shave by watching his grandfather and dad, and is proud to be carrying on the family tradition of wet shaving. He is always ready to try a new safety razor, in his never ending search to look his best while pampering his face. You can often find Todd in the local barbershop discussing shaving techniques and supplies.

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