Merkur-Razor Double Edge Safety Razor Gold Plated

Double-edged razors might be too traditional for some people but they actually provide a better shaving experience. Newer types of razors with all their multiple blades, and lubrication strips cause more frequent razor burns. The Merkur-Razor Double Edge Safety Razor Gold Plated is a traditional razor with a touch of some modern elements. It is made from stainless steel and is gold plated. Its handle is made especially long for people with large hands and are used to shaving with traditional razors. The handle provides a non-slip grip just any other modern razor. It has a double-edge design which provides an extra close shave.

A Touch of Luxury

The razor is plated with gold. Although it does not really do anything functionality-wise, but it adds to the appeal of the razor. It feels better when you are shaving with a stick covered in gold. Shaving can be a very satisfying and enjoyable experience with the right shaving products.

The Merkur Brand

You will get a double edge blade that is platinum-coated and from the same brand. Merkur is famous for producing high quality shaving tools and has been around for quite some time. Now that traditional safety razors seem to be getting popular once again, people remembers the brand are now looking for the safety razors they once had before.

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  • Quality: 9/10

This safety razor is made from high quality products that make it very durable and sturdy, and it really does provide a close shave because of its double edge design.

  • User Friendly: 8/10

For first time users, it takes some time to get used to especially if you accustomed to using the more modern type ones. The grip is excellent and the blade can be replaced anytime.

  • Grip: 10/10

The grip is excellent.

  • Ease of Blade Replacement: 10/10

The blade can be replaced anytime

  • Merkur-Razor-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor-Gold-Plated-View
  • Aggressiveness: 9/10

Although it is a safety razor, there are still people who claim that they get frequent cuts when using this razor. You have the option to buy the razor with a guard if you really want to avoid those cuts and nips.

  • Adjustability: 8/10

There is not much adjusting that can be done for this razor except for choosing which blades to use.

  • Balance: 9/10
  • Value for Money: 9/10
  • Overall: 9/10

Overall, the product is great buy for a safety razor that is plated with gold.

Advantages of Using the Safety Razor

A known advantage of using this safety razor is that they let you save a lot of money. The razor itself lasts for almost a lifetime and the only problem you have to think about is getting the right blade. Users have talked about getting a blade from a different brand because it suited their shaving needs.

Another reason why people turn to this safety razor is the minimal environmental effects it causes. Unlike disposable razors where you have to throw away so many plastic materials, this safety razor only has the blade to be thrown away.


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Todd is a resident of Florida and enjoys looking his best. He believes that taking pride in his appearance is important to succeeding in life. He learned how to shave by watching his grandfather and dad, and is proud to be carrying on the family tradition of wet shaving. He is always ready to try a new safety razor, in his never ending search to look his best while pampering his face. You can often find Todd in the local barbershop discussing shaving techniques and supplies.

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