Men’s Grooming Is Returning To The Basics

For years men have been spending money on countless products that all promise to prevent razor burn, red bumps, and all of the other skin problems that seem to appear after shaving. While beards and moustaches are making a comeback and you can avoid shaving problems this way, you are probably one of the millions of men who still shave. Instead of wasting your money on new and improved products that still don’t work, you might want to consider using the same method as your grandfather to get a close and smooth shave.


Razor Companies are Embracing the Basics

Recently several men’s grooming companies decided to take a look at an invention that hasn’t changed in almost 150 years, to solve the problem with skin irritation from shaving. According to dermatologists, even if you use the best skin care products, shaving with the wrong razor will still leave you with redness and bumps. Part of this is due to the popularity of multiple blade cartridges, which many men mistakenly believe is better for their skin.

In reality, multiple blades running across your sensitive facial skin will cause irritation. A safety razor is simply designed, and is also referred to as a double edge razor. This is because its single blade is sharp on both sides. With two sharp sides you can get a closer and smoother shave, without tugging or pulling on your skin. Since you are not running multiple blades over your face, you are left with smoother, non irritated skin. Its seems more and more men are realizing the benefits of using their grandfather’s shavers since sales of safety razors has been steadily increasing in recent years.

Heritage and Durability Win Out

During World War I men’s razors became a booming business, with companies supplying thousands of troops. While the main reason for the steady stream of safety razors to the armed forces was for hygienic reasons, those durable, elegant stainless steel shavers are still being used by men today. This is one of the reasons for the resurgence in the popularity of safety razors, there is a growing trend to use antiques and collectibles. Added to this is the razor’s amazing durability, and many men are realizing why their grandfathers refused to shave with anything else.

Instead of constantly buying replacement razors and batteries, along with a number of facial moisturizing and toning products a single double edge shaver can last you for a lifetime. It can be easily passed down from father to son, to continue a long masculine shaving tradition. After all, one of the most important moments between a father and son is when it is time to teach the younger generation how to shave.

Enjoy Shaving

Along with improving the appearance of your skin, and giving you a family heirloom to pass down to your son, there is something extremely luxurious and elegant about shaving with a safety razor. The rich lather of the cream moisturizers your skin, while the double edge razor blade gives you a close, smooth shave without irritation. Take it slowly and enjoy the relaxing sensation of shaving with a safety razor, and start your day off looking great.


About Todd

Todd is a resident of Florida and enjoys looking his best. He believes that taking pride in his appearance is important to succeeding in life. He learned how to shave by watching his grandfather and dad, and is proud to be carrying on the family tradition of wet shaving. He is always ready to try a new safety razor, in his never ending search to look his best while pampering his face. You can often find Todd in the local barbershop discussing shaving techniques and supplies.

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