Best Open Comb Safety Razor Review

best open comb safety razorsIf you are thinking about switching from a closed comb to an open comb safety razor then you should first take a closer look at your skin. These open comb safety razors are more aggressive than the closed variety so if you are not experienced with shaving or have very sensitive skin then there is an added level of caution you need to take before you can actually start shaving. Start by getting a good quality shaving cream which will reduce the risk of friction which is the cause of “razor burn”. Since there is no safety built into the open comb safety razor you will need to exercise an added dimension of self restraint or you could end up cutting yourself.

Now that we have dealt with the challenges associated with these open comb safety razors it is time to start reviewing all of the different open comb safety razors that are available until you find the model you like more than the rest.  The following are some of the most popular open comb safety razors and while it is virtually impossible to select one model that is better than the rest these tips will really help you make an informed decision.

Parker 24C -Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades

This model by Parker is constructed with 3.3 ounces of brass so it will feel heavy in the hand. Since the razor feels heavy in your hand you do not have to apply much force to get a close cut so keep that in mind when shaving or you could cut deeper than you want.  The handle is 4 inches long so you are going to have an easy time reaching all over your face.  Since Parker is a reputable brand you should seriously think about adding this open comb razor to your collection, you will be happy you did.

Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor

While Parker does have some really great razors we need to mention Merkur as well. The Classic 1904 Safety Razor 41C Open Comb is another very popular model. This model comes in 3 separate pieces and when assembled will provide a 3 inch handle for you to use. While the handle is relatively long it is also very light since it only weighs 2 ounces you never have to worry about having your hands get tired. This razor is also quite affordable so you should also add it to your list of potential open comb safety razors.

MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

The Muhle Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor R41 is made in Germany to the highest standards possible, Germany is a world leader in fine shaving equipment. This open comb double edge safety razor only weighs 4 ounces so you can really feel the blade as it cuts. Since there is no need to make multiple cuts you are going to have a splendid shaving experience.

As you can see there are many great open comb safety razors available, what you need to do is spend a little time reviewing all of them until you find the one you love more than all of the others.


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