Why People Like Baxter of California Safety Razor?

Baxter of California Safety Razor-1The Baxter of California Safety Razor is clearly old fashioned. The company brand started out as a male skin care product and grew to be a safety razor manufacturer. The design of the safety razor is very similar to the ones that your grandparents could have been using. The razor is made from Germany where all the best safety razors are created. Although the razor looks very old fashioned, it is not entirely a product from the past. Its construction has taken advantage of modern advancements. The entire razor is made from stainless steel and has a chrome finish. This is considered to be the best materials of construction for a razor.

The head of the razor has a classic comb guard that allows for safer and more effective shaving. The handle is designed to provide a sure grip for wet shaving. What’s good about the product is that it comes in a matte gift box. Safety razors are always good gift options for males. For users who don’t have much experience with using safety razors, the product comes with an instructional card. Some first time users really find the card very useful.

There are four things that the card emphasizes. The first two are about the preparations before shaving. Shaving should normally done after taking a shower or a hot wash cloth should be applied to the beard to soften the hair. Using a badge brush lifts the hair and disperses the cream evenly. Next, the card gives advice on how to start the shaving. Accessible parts of the face should be the starting point of shaving. The difficult areas should be shaved last to really soften the hair and make the shaving less difficult. To avoid irritation, shaving direction should be along the grain of the hair growth.

The razor also comes with starter razor blades so that it is shave-ready when it arrives. Usually, a blade lasts for less than a week when used daily but it can be extended by taking care of the blade. After shaving, if you have time, the blade should be dried to avoid it from corroding and going dull. Choosing a good brand of razor blade also ensures that the blade will last longer. The razor blade is the main razor why shaving with a safety razor costs so little. In average, a single costs just around 20 to 40 cents. You buy a pack of one hundred razors for just $20.

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Overall, this razor is an old-fashioned razor that so many people like and more importantly, it is effective and can last for so many years. The total packaging of the product is well-thought. Baxter of California takes pride in their attempts to make product development a result of intense research and this razor is a clear proof of that. When it comes to the price of the razor, it doesn’t fall within the average price range of safety razors but considering the other things that come with the razor, it is well worth it.


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