Merkur 20C Long Handle Black DE Safety Razor Review


The Merkur 20C is one of the newest designs by the product brand. Unlike its predecessors, it has a shorter handle and a heavier head. These features make the razor safer and provide better control when shaving. A shorter handle requires less effort and allows easy maneuvering of the razor for wet shaving. The heavier head reduces the amount of pressure needed and can be applied when shaving. This means that the aggressiveness of the razor is reduced so that you can more pressure without getting yourself cut. Previous designs of DE safety razors usually have the weight on the entire frame of the razor. Although the balance is increased this way, the head can be easily tilted at an angle that usually causes cuts and nicks.

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Parker 65R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor Review


The Paker 65R is a very unique and memorable razor. It’s handle a very stylish design and pattern. It will really stand out when you compare it with other razors. The entire frame of the razor is made from durable solid brass. The unique design on the handle is not just for looks. It’s also for the grip of the razor. The design is textured and the details create indentions on the handle to prevent it from slipping when doing wet shaving.

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Edwin Jagger DE89bl Safety Razor for Lifetime


Edwin Jagger DE89bl is a classic double edge razor but it has modern elements of design and innovation. The frame of the razor is made from solid brass and coated with a chrome finish to give that sleek and shiny look. It fits any brand of standard-sized double-edged blades. Five Derby blades come with this razor so that it would be ready to use. The handle of the razor is tubular without any details or textures. Each side of the head has a comb to help give that very close shave. The razor come with a presentation box in case it is to be purchased as a gift.

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Merkur Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome #180 Review

Merkur-Long-Handled-Double-Edge-Safety-Razor-Chrome #180,-10-Double-Edge-Platinum-Blades-View3

Merkur Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome #180 is a traditional and old fashioned safety razor. Most of the users are experienced shavers or people who have grown tired of using cartridge razors. Experienced shavers take time in doing their shaving and using double edge razors require you to do the shaving process slowly to get good results. People are fond of using cartridge razors because of the convenience and quick shaving that they can provide. The only problem with cartridge razors is that they can cost you a lot once you start getting new cartridges. In order to save money, they consider choosing to go traditional and realize the pleasure of a well-done and slow shave.

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Merkur Safety Razor with Comb Guard Review


Nothing is more classic than a Merkur Safety Razor with Comb Guard. The Merkur brand is enough to tell you it’s really a classic-designed safety razor. The shiny gleaming look of the razor is due to a chrome finish. It does not only make the razor look good but it also makes it durable and corrosion-resistant. Its frame and head are made from stainless steel which is light but provides a sturdy and solid construction to the razor.

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Merkur-Razor Double Edge Safety Razor Gold Plated


The Merkur-Razor Double Edge Safety Razor Gold Plated is a traditional razor with a touch of some modern elements. It is made from stainless steel and is gold plated. Its handle is made especially long for people with large hands and are used to shaving with traditional razors. The handle provides a non-slip grip just any other modern razor. It has a double-edge design which provides an extra close shave.

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Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor Review


The Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor is a straight razor that can charged with new razor blades. The razor already comes with 100 Shark Super Stainless blades. The weight of this straight razor is just right to give it an excellent balance. The exposure at the ends of the blade is curved to minimize cuts and nicks. The blades that can be used for the razor can be single razor blades used in barber shops or ½ of any standard-sized double edge razor blades.

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Parker 111B Ebony Handle Double Edge Safety Razor Review


The Parker 111B Ebony Handle Double Edge Safety Razor looks very modern. It looks very striking with its ebony handle and a shiny chrome finish. The handle serves as area for good grip. The frame of the razor is made from brass which gives it a heavy weight for good balance. It comes with 5 Derby Super Chrome Blades which are known to be very aggressive razors. The head of this razor has a comb to make sure than no ingrowing hairs are left after a shaving session.

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Double Edge Safety Razor By Apollo Review


The Apollo Double Edge Safety Razor is a classic double edge safety razor. It is made from stainless steel give it its durability. Like most classic safety razor, it is given a polished look by being coated by chrome finishing. The chrome finish does not only provide the razor its shiny look it also gives it added durability by making it resistant to corrosion and wear. The combination of stainless steel and chrome is actually present among newer designs of safety razor as well the older ones. It’s the perhaps the most commonly used materials in creating very durable razors.

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